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Please ask me questions.  I am here as resource about agriculture and our farm.  If I don't know the answer to your question, I can find a reliable and accurate source in my network of farmers and ranchers.

I hope to have a diverse group of readers who want to learn about agriculture.  Please leave comments, but do so respectfully.  We don't have to agree and I am willing to have a conversation, but if I deem a comment to be disrespectful, I will ask you to please re-phrase it.  If future comments are found to be out-of-line, I have the right to delete them.

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This blog is a personal one - every word is written by me, Dana.  I do not make any money on this blog, but love sharing my passion for agriculture.  If I ever have a post that is sponsored, it will be clearly identified as such.  If there is ever a conflict of interest, I will state it.  All opinions are my own - I like to keep it real.