Our Story

In August of 2011, my husband, Travis, and I left our corporate jobs and moved from the 'burbs to his family farm with our two boys (the third one was not around yet).  How we came about our decision to move to the farm was one of many things falling into place.

How We Met
Travis and I met at college the spring of my freshman year.  Our state university was jokingly referred to as cow college by rivals, however, it was in the largest city in North Dakota.  We were together pretty much immediately after we first met.

Travis was a senior studying to be an architect.  A year later Travis graduated with his degree and moved to California.  We had a (very) long distance relationship for a year.  Then Travis got a job in Minnesota and we were engaged shortly after.  I was still going to college, but a wedding date was set for two weeks after my graduation (which was still a year and a half away).

Before the wedding, Travis had another move - this time to the big city where we had decided we would live as a married couple.  Up to this point, we had been living hundreds of miles apart for more of our relationship than we had been living in the same town.

At the lake in Alexandria, MN where we were engaged.

The Wedding
Travis and I got married at the end of December in the same suburb that I grew up in and where we would be living thereafter.  There were no cute tractor or grain elevator pictures as I have seen in many country wedding photographs.

It was wonderful celebration with lots of family and friends attending.  I'm assuming many of them did not think that we would end up on the farm someday - as did we.

Married with Children
After the wedding we moved into an apartment where we would live for the next 4 and a half years.  During this time we began to flirt with the idea of one day moving to the farm.  It seemed quite far fetched - the economy was good, we had great jobs, we didn't have kids...

Then the economy plummetted.  Architecture was hit hard.  Many people lost their jobs and firms went broke.  While I was pregnant with our first boy, Charlie, Travis got laid off from his job.  He took the opportunity to go back to North Dakota and help his dad on the farm.  This would be the first inkling that maybe our future was not going to be the typical family living in the suburbs.

Over the next year and a half, Travis would go back to the farm between contract jobs at an architecture firm downtown.  He was very torn between life in the city and the work at the farm - loving both careers, but missing his family when he was away (and us missing him too)!

Then I got pregnant with our second boy, Levi.  This is when we began to take a look at moving to the farm more seriously.

Our new family of four at Levi's baptism.

The Decision
Our decision to move to the farm was not immediate.  We weighed many factors: health care and daycare expenses, living arrangements, job security, etc.  We knew if we decided to farm for a living things (money) would not be as predictable as living off a corporate paycheck.

However, the idea of being able to spend our days working the land that has been in Travis's family for generations and me being at home with our boys was too appealing.  What a life changer and the so far best decision we have ever made!