About Me

Oh, hi!  My name is Dana.  I am a city girl turned farm wife on the plains of North Dakota.  I started this blog in August 2011 to keep family and friends informed of our life on the farm.  You can read the history behind how we got here in Our Story.

Since I had always lived in a metropolitan area, I am learning a new way of life in the country.  Many things that may seem the status quo for people that have lived in a rural area are new and exciting to me.  It is a great adventure!

Some fun facts about me:

I am "Type A.”  Organizing is my game.

My major was Facility Management.  What the heck is that?  Basically, it was a blend of interior design, business, and some industrial engineering courses.  At my former employer, I was a "Space Planner" (not outer space).  I helped to design, purchase, and assign the workspaces to all of the cube monkeys of the corporate world.  FYI - having to change/move employees' workspace is like asking them to relocate to the worst place on earth.

I love Target.  I actually had an internship at the corporate headquarters when I was in college.  After that I decided upon graduation I would never have a full time job commuting downtown - I hate traffic.  However, I am a loyal shopper of the stores and until I moved to the farm, I lived and worked within minutes of multiples stores.  We now live an hour away from the closest Target (tear).  Thankful for when they have free shipping on Target.com!

I love Costco.  Buying in bulk never looked so good.

My favorite TV show was Green Acres Arrested Development.  It’s a shame it was only on for 3 seasons.  And I say “was” because I am sure there is currently a bunch of quality television (aka Modern Family), but after having children my ability to be a couch potato has been greatly defeated…not to mention having no cable or DVR.  I have never actually seen Green Acres.

I drink coffee.  After holding out for 30 years, I started drinking a cup of coffee (with flavored creamer and sugar) everyday in the place of soda (POP!).  I'm only at one cup a day, so it could be worse.  There are no promises I won't drink more...coffee that is.

I'll continue to add snippets of my personality here as I think of them.  I know that you are all dying to know...