Monday, March 28, 2016

Barn Finds

Spring is here!  Spring time in North Dakota sometimes looks a lot like winter, but it is always full of surprises.  We will have some days near 60 degrees and then possibly a snow storm the next.  The good thing is that the snow melts relatively quickly.

I always get a bit panicky in March because I know the field work that lies ahead.  Switching gears from primarily office tasks and getting the home organized, to 8 hours a day (at least) driving some form of machinery is not an easy transition for me. Usually this means I spend the last few weeks in March on a mad dash getting spring cleaning completed.

Last spring I started to organize the hayloft in our barn.  I should just say "attempted," because that was a much bigger project than I had anticipated.  And no, I did not get it finished.

The barn, complete with hayloft.

No livestock have been in the barn since my husband graduated high school, except for that short stint with some "pet" calves.  The hayloft, or upper area of the barn, has since been used as a storage area for random things rather than hay or straw, although there are still bales in there.

My goal in organizing the barn was to get it so that we could store the things we access most (shovels, bikes, holiday decor, etc.) in one area rather than scattered all over the place.  Also, many of the items that had been put up there over the years were starting to get damaged by dust, water (prior to fixing the roof), and who knows what the barn cats were up to...

Back when we lived in the big city and chose to have cable, I would love to watch American Pickers on the History channel.  I was intrigued by all of the amazing, and sometimes odd, treasures the hosts would find in the old buildings dotting the rural landscape.

After stumbling upon some neat picks myself, I began to share my finds on my Instagram account.  Here are some of my favorites.  (Click on the links below each photo for more of a description.)

Universal Chart & Sign Printer

Fairmont Crates

Replogle World Globe

Dakota Maid Feeds-Flour Sign

Philco Radio

There are many other great items, but I can't post them all on this post.  You can search for all of my barn finds by using #greenacresbarnfinds.  I also have a Barn Finds album on The Green Acres Report Facebook page.

I won't be intentionally rummaging through the barn this spring.  Instead I'll be focusing my efforts on a few house and farm projects.  Also, my oldest has decided that we must plant a garden this year after taking a break the last two years (thanks to his "baby" brother).  I am all for it and can already taste the fresh produce!

However, still look for the occasional barn find photo.  There are too many old and unique things around here not to share.

Barn Picker,


P.S. I share my barn finds because I think they are special and there is a story hidden behind each piece.  However, no items are for sale.  I just think they are neat, and hope you will too.  Thanks in advance for understanding!

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