Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding Common Ground

This past week I had the opportunity to attend an event with CommonGround in Washington, D.C.  (Yes, the city that just was slammed by an epic blizzard.)

CommonGround is a group of farmers wanting to have conversations about the food we grow and how we produce it.  I started getting involved with CommonGround North Dakota a little less than a year ago.  You may remember my post about our largest state event, Banquet in a Field.

The North Dakota ladies in Washington DC as the snow started to fall.

I attended this training with a group of North Dakota women.  There were 20 other states represented as well.  Meeting farmers and ranchers from other areas of the country always sparks my interest.  Sometimes there are similarities, but many times there are differences depending on location, and crops and animals raised.  Some of the women have been living on farms their entire life, and others (like me) are transplants.

The one thing that united the attendees was our passion to share our personal experiences with the people that purchase food.  We want to help sort through the myths and misinformation surrounding food and farming - whether it be on social media, one-on-one conversations, or talking with the media.

Brainstorming blog ideas during the social media breakout session.

This training is so beneficial.  It helps me as a farmer find the best way to communicate to non-farmers about the food we produce.  It also connects me with a tribe of women who understand the struggles of being a farmer and rejoice in each other's successes.  We all are looking toward a better future in agriculture.

People want transparency and their questions answered.  The volunteers at CommonGround are here to help connect our farms to the food on your table.  Please check out our website, and "like" us Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to find our common ground.


P.S. Our training was cut short due to the impending snow storm, but it was wonderful nonetheless.  I was able to fly out on Friday afternoon as the snow was starting to fall.  There are some volunteers still stranded, but they are making the most of it.  I wish everyone safe travels as clean up from the blizzard continues. #winterstormjonas


  1. Jealous this looks so interesting and glad you were able to get out of there before ALL the snow!!

    1. It was a wonderful experience. Maybe you can join us at the state training?! I'll be in touch. :)