Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November: The Month of Winter Preparation

Welcome to the November installment of my Month-By-Month blog series.  
I figured it was time to get an update on the blog since it is currently mid-December.

Completing corn harvest in the middle of October as we did this year is not normal for North Dakota agriculture, but it was a welcome change.  It offered time to get to other projects done around the farm before the cold temperatures moved in.

This November, we had ample time to winterize equipment and put it storage before the cold and snow arrived.  The temperatures were warm and outside work was enjoyable.

Mowing the grass and leaves in November typically does not get done.

There are there are a variety of winter preparation tasks to be done on many pieces of machinery. Different pieces of equipment require more care than others.  In general, this includes cleaning inside and out, blowing out water lines in the sprayer, adding antifreeze, changing oil, pest control, etc. 

While my husband and father-in-law handle much of the machinery maintenance work, I use post-harvest time to catch up on things around the house and yard that have been neglected the last six months.  I even was able to get the shovels and sleds out of storage before it snowed!

Shovels and sleds ready and waiting to be put to work.

There were other events throughout the month including a trip to Nashville to attend the AgChat conference in Nashville (you can read more about that in my friend Katie Pinke's AgWeek column), the North Dakota Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, and visiting my family in the Twin Cities for Thanksgiving.

This November was full of activity, but it was manageable.  Here is a summary of our other farm activities each month this year:


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