Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Soybean Photoshoot

One morning at the end of August I received a phone call from staff member of the North Dakota Soybean Council.  She was looking for a woman soybean farmer to volunteer for a photoshoot showcasing just that: a woman farmer in a field of soybeans.  I fulfilled those requirements, and I graciously accepted her offer.

I remember the day vividly because it also happened to be my oldest boy's first day of school.  I dropped off the kids at school and daycare, which is a feat in of itself, and proceeded back to the farm to do something I don't usually do - put some tender loving care into my appearance.

One of the perks (in my opinion) of working on the farm with your family is that you don't have to put much thought into your daily appearance.  I typically spend all of 15 minutes getting ready in the morning.

There is no dress code on our farm other than wearing clothes to accommodate one's own job requirements and comfort level.  Depending on the weather, summer attire usually this consists of a cap, t-shirt, jeans and work boots.  Sometimes a tank top.  Unfortunately, yoga pants and crocs are only acceptable in case of emergency.

I wear my hair in a pony tail everyday.  Most people will only see my hair down (literally, not figuratively...I think) when I am at a meeting or conference.  A full face of make-up is typically reserved for church and special functions.

However, I was able to get myself photoshoot-ready by the time the photographer's crew arrived at the farm.  The only thing that was different than my everyday attire was the make-up, and clothing that did not advertise a seed company.

Farming attire - make-up optional.

The rest of the morning was spent by me posing for photos around our soybean fields and grain bins.  I did my best to not look awkward (what do I do with my hands?!) or channel my inner-Madonna.  #strikeapose

"Look this way.  Tilt your head.  FABULOUS!"

My farmer husband even got in on a couple of shots with me.  It was like our wedding photos all over again. (Ha! - We were no where near a soybean field on our wedding day.)  One of our photos was used on the North Dakota Soybean Council's 2015 Annual Report.

2015 ND Soybean Council Annual Report cover.

The wonderful photographer was Greg Wanbaugh of Wanbaugh Studios.  My profile photo on this blog has been used with the permission of him and North Dakota Soybean Council.

We would like to thank the North Dakota Soybean Council for this opportunity.  I plan on handing out the publications to family over the holidays.  It's not everyday you are on the cover of a magazine annual report!



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