Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August: The Month When Summer Ends

August brings the end of summer.  It is the end of harvest for our summer crops and the end of summer vacation for the kids.

We had a lot of summer crops this year including winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, and field peas.  We call them summer crops because they ripen and we harvest them in the summer.

The last week of spring wheat harvest seemed to drag on forever.  Between flat tires, broken parts, and unfavorable combining conditions, you just learn to expect the unexpected - and only try to control what you can control.

The morning after a damaging hail storm on spring wheat.

One of the remaining spring wheat fields was heavily damaged by a hail storm on August 8th.  Combining a field like this is very frustrating, but it is a reminder as to why we invest in hail insurance, and to be thankful that Mother Nature spared other fields.

Introducing our Lexion combine.

Spring wheat harvest was completed on August 25th, thanks in part to an investment in a new combine.  Purchasing any equipment on the farm is a long, thought-out process.  Discussion of getting a new(er) combine has been years in the making, and so far we are very pleased.

A hazy sun sets over the last spring wheat field of harvest.

The end of August is a welcome sight.  About half of our total crops were summer crops, so that means we are half way done with harvest for the season!  We will have a few weeks before soybean harvest begins.

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  1. Yeah for getting done with wheat!! Such a good feeling and nice to have a little break.
    ... and now you can link up on Friday too ;-)