Monday, August 31, 2015

The County Fair: A 4-H Affair

The last weekend in August marks the end of summer.  It is also the time for our annual county fair.  We went to the fair grounds on Saturday to look at the show animals and exhibits, have the kids to go on a few rides, and view the fair parade. (And eat some mini-donuts.)

The Ransom County Fair is one of the best county fairs in the state of North Dakota.  There is excellent kid participation through 4-H and FFA, a variety of activities, and great community support.

This year our two older nieces got rabbits, cared for them throughout the summer, and brought them to the fair to participate in 4-H showmanship.  During the evaluation, the kids are judged on their knowledge and handling of the rabbit.
Charlie the Rabbit

This is Lyla's rabbit, named Charlie.  You know there is a special bond between cousins when one names a rabbit after the other.  We are going to ignore the fact that we recently discovered Charlie the rabbit is a she, and not a he. From what I understand there will not be a name change.

Charlie (the other rabbit) and Levi

As we ventured throughout the fair grounds, we enjoyed reminiscing about my first county fair experience.  It was just a few weeks after we had officially moved to the farm, and I had no idea what it all entailed.

This will be our last year as just spectators at the fair.  Our oldest son, Charlie will start 4-H soon, and Levi has expressed interest as well.  It is yet to be determined as to the level in which they participate, but how can you say no to a face like this?

"Can I get one mom?!"

If any 4-H moms have words of advice to a novice like myself, I'm all ears...and not just the bunny kind!

Down the rabbit hole,


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