Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adventures in First Grade

Currently, the boys and I are listening to The Magic Tree House collection of audio books.  Playing the books in the car while driving to from the farm to town has been a life-saver.  Aside from the typical arguments once everyone is jammed into the vehicle, we can actually enjoy the 10-15 minute ride rather than worry about what a brother said or what songs we should be listening to.  Silence (from the back seat) is golden.

These children's books are about a pair of siblings named Jack and Annie that travel through time and place on many adventures via a magic tree house and the books that it contains.  Sounds wild, doesn't it?!  We are currently a little over halfway through the entire series.  The books spark imagination and the author (who also recorded the audio books) does a great job telling the stories.

I feel like we are on a bit of our own adventure as Charlie started first grade this week.  Our confidence level going into first grade is higher than it was for kindergarten.  He has a year of school under his belt, and we as parents have a better idea of what to expect.  But there are still some feelings of uncertainty since this year he is going to a different school than the previous year.

We live about halfway between two towns in our county, both of which have a excellent public school systems. Our farm is just a few miles from the district line (minor distance in the country), so it is not uncommon for rural students to open-enroll in a district if a parent works in that town.

Now, neither Travis or myself work full-time off the farm, but Charlie started kindergarten in the school outside of the district our farm is located in because our daycare is located in that town.  It was much easier to have all of the boys together, versus hauling them to two different locations that are roughly 20 miles apart.

However, we always kept the door open as to where the boys would end up for school. After much thought, we decided long-term to have them enrolled in the district we live in, the same school my husband, his sister, and dad went to.

Just the other day I re-read my blog post from his last day of kindergarten.  Kindergarten was a great year for us.  It makes me so proud.  Charlie is just as excited for school this year than he was last year, something that I am thankful for - his desire to learn.

I hope first grade is the great adventure we anticipate.  Maybe he'll even start riding the school bus, but for now it will just be car rides with a magic tree house.

Charlie's first day of first grade.

Mama to a first grader,

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