Friday, June 26, 2015

Women In Agriculture

This past Tuesday I was featured in the "What's On Your Mind" radio spot on AM 1100 The Flag and it's affiliate stations.  During the short interview, the subject that was on my mind was "Women in Agriculture."

As a woman in agriculture, it is a topic that is always on my radar.  I was reminded of a recent question posted by a fellow farm wife on Facebook about roles on the farm.  Many of the responses were relatable to me (meal preparer, office manager, transportation, tractor driver, etc.).  You want to know my response?

The Voice of Reason.

While the response was somewhat sarcastic, it was completely truthful.  My point being that women often times can offer a different point of view than their male counterparts, because we tend to think differently.  Other ideas can sometimes bring about better solutions.

I may have I left "the voice of reason" comment out of my radio interview, but you can listen to it here, or read my response below.

Being a woman in agriculture today offers endless opportunities. 
Each woman's role can be different, but we are all valuable assets to agriculture's livelihood. 
Many times women in agriculture juggle the traditional role of being the household manager along with a variety of other duties that can range from bookkeeper to equipment operator. 
As the wife and mom on our farm, I enjoy the diverse roles agriculture has provided to me.  I am able to contribute to our business and live a balanced family life. I appreciate the learning opportunities that each season brings. 
Now more than ever women are important to modern family farms and the future of agriculture.

To be completely honest, I don't know the most current statistics on the men vs. women ratio in the field of agriculture in the United States, but I do know that the gender gap is closing with generational changes.

The numbers are not what matter most to me - numbers don't show an individual woman's story.  There is not always a formal title to define a woman's role in such a diverse industry.  Still, there are roles, and women's leadership in them continues to evolve.

I would encourage any woman to get involved in agriculture if it is her passion, no matter her background.  Just a few short years ago, I didn't know that I had an interest in agriculture, but the opportunities continue to grow.  As I learn more about agriculture and our farm, my roles as a business partner and all around farm-hand expand.

This spring my husband announced that he would like me learn how drive the semi truck.  It is an important skill to learn.  I would eventually be able to haul grain and to bring the water trailer to the field during spraying.

It is great that he has such confidence in me, but I told him maybe I should learn how to drive the manual pick-up truck first.

The Voice of Reason,


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