Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May: The Month of Planting + Spraying

Welcome to the May installment of my Month-By-Month blog series.  Here is a recap of the previous months activities: January was about the books, February was about networking, March was about preparing for the upcoming farming season, and April was about planting.

During May, we had thought that we would finish planting soybeans by the middle of the month since we got to such an early start on the other crops in April.

However, you may recall at the end of last month's blog post I had mentioned that we desperately needed rain.  We were in a drought.  We needed moisture for the seeds to germinate and the small plants to grow.  I am happy to report that we were blessed with rain...and snow!

5/11/15 - Snowfall after nearly an inch of rain the day before.

Throughout the month of May we received 5.81" of precipitation.  The average is around 3" of rainfall, so we got almost twice that amount.  It was not all in one shot either.  I recorded rainfall on 13 days, and only one of those days (May 13th) was over an inch.

5/15/15 - The tractor & air drill stayed in this location for over a week.

Planting soybeans was delayed, but we are fortunate that we got all of our fields seeded.  We finished planting soybeans on June 1st.  Many farmers in the area are still working to get the seeds in the ground.

5/5/15 - Planting soybeans before all of rain.

Between the days of seeding the soybeans, we were spraying the other crops.  Weeds can start to take over a field very quickly if you do not control them.  The weeds can complete with the crops for space and moisture, so we like to take care of them before they become a problem.

5/27/15 - Spraying one of the barley fields.

We are caught up with spraying the winter wheat, spring wheat, barley, and field peas. Depending on the crop, we typically will spray each field once or twice - we only spray as needed.

Now that planting is complete, summer can officially start on the farm.  However, the work before harvest is still not complete.  We're not going to be sitting around watching the plants grow!

Just another episode of hurry up and wait,


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