Friday, May 22, 2015

Learning From A Kindergartner

Today my oldest boy, Charlie, completes his school year as a kindergartner.

Charlie's first day of kindergarten.

As my first child, I had no idea what to expect, and I was cautious to not set any real expectations except for us to survive.  He is a very independent thinker, so there was no telling him what to do or how to act.  He had to figure it for himself even with guidance from us as parents and his teachers.

Those first couple of months of the school were somewhat brutal, but it has gone by so fast (except for the homework time).  He has grown so much in past year - physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

I've been reflecting about the things Charlie has taught me, and these are the three things that stand out most about his year as a kindergartner.

1. Be Authentic.

There is only one Charlie, and he exudes self confidence.  I hope that he always feels this confident - whether it be through his interests in geography to the Bible, his patriotism, or his clothing choices (gym pants everyday, really?).  He knows who he is and does not feel like he needs to be like anyone else.  He embraces his individualism.

2. Be Creative.

Charlie has quite the imagination, and he is always talking.  There are the stories he creates from activities in everyday life, to the books we read about imaginary places.  He loves to draw maps.  He encourages his brothers to play along and use their creativity with him.

3. Be Curious.

Curiosity fuels learning and knowledge, and Charlie is very curious.  He doesn't have the same interests that you may think the average kindergartner would have, but I don't believe he will ever be average.  He has challenged me and I have enjoyed learning with him.  He reminds me to be curious and never stop learning.

I am proud of the young boy Charlie has become and am eager to see how he continues to flourish in these next 11 years until graduation.  It is just a matter of time before he is taller than me and smarter than I am.

Charlie's last day of kindergarten.

Mama to a first grader,

P.S. He still needs to learn how to tie his shoes.  I don't blame him, I prefer footwear without laces too.

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