Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hide & Seek

Our boys love to play hide-and-seek.  Inside or outside.  Wherever someone will play with them.

Usually, they will play hide-and-seek with Travis in the evenings before their bedtime routine to get out some extra energy and give me time to clean up the kitchen.

Sometimes I need to help the kids with hints as to where everyone hid (even though most of the time it is quite obvious with the shrills coming from a closet or the baby hanging out just beside the hiding place).

When it comes to taking turns, the four-year-old requests that I count with him.  He comes into the kitchen and puts his head down on the stool and we count to ten.  Sometimes we have to start over while counting.

I started reflecting on how these fun and games are currently short lived as the days are getting longer and Travis is spending more time getting equipment ready for the upcoming farming season.  Mid-march the temperatures had been higher than normal, and consistently 50 degrees or warmer.

With that in mind, I decided to do a countdown to the first day of Spring on my Instagram account.  The photos I posted are below, with Spring counting for its own game of hide-and-seek (you don't have to cover your eyes).

When "King of the Mountain" became "King of the Mound." #10days

When puddle jumping becomes an extreme sport. #9days

When the bear cub came out of hibernation. #8days

When spring was coming as fast as Bloom, ND, on the interstate. #7days

When my mud boots could not find any mud. #6days

When the sleds became obsolete. #5days

When the spring wheat successfully completed a germination test. #4days

When the boys get pick-up rides everyday when they get home from school. #3days

When there was just a trace of snow. #2days

When there were spring-like pastels in the sky. #1day

Ready or not, here we come!!!

111,111 on the 1st day of Spring!
(The temperature was not 11 or 111.)

Nevermind, it snowed on Sunday.  We need to restart counting.

So much for spring...

It may not seem like it, but Spring is here and planting will soon commence.  I'm not sure how much extra time I'll have in the upcoming weeks to spend writing on the blog, so be sure to follow along via on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter - whichever suits you best.

It'll be like you are right in the tractor with me!  Sort of...that could get pretty crowded.


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