Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In case you missed it...

2014 is over, and 2015 has begun.

If you went by posts on this blog, you would have thought the year 2014 didn't exist.  It is like time just went by in warp speed and skipped the year completely (aside from those one two three posts last January 2014).

For those of you who do not receive our annual Christmas card, here is a recap of 2014 at the farm.

Hello from the tundra!  It is cold out there.  Fortunately, 2014 was a busy year to keep us moving.  Time was spent farming, and adjusting to being a family of five - Travis and Dana are now outnumbered.

We are thankful for another farming season complete.  We had a late, wet, cool spring, which complicated getting the crop in the field.  However, we were fortunate to have all of our acres planted in a timely fashion.  This year we planted wheat, barley, corn, and soybeans.  The summer weather was unpredictable in it's usual fashion, but we were happy with the results come harvest.  With the cool summer weather we harvested our small grains almost a month later than usual. A warm fall extended the growing season, which provided much needed growing degree days to mature the corn.  The warm fall came to an abrupt end in early November, with the ground freezing solid just days after finishing harvest.

Travis plans on hauling grain to the elevator this winter, since we stored a lot of grain due to the combination of a good crop, poor prices and congested railroad situation.  He will also work in the tax office in town for the third year in a row.

Dana continues to work on the farm with Travis, and do the bookkeeping.  Farming while not pregnant is physically less demanding, but the sleep deprivation caused by having an infant is not.  Caffeine was very necessary.  She even started drinking coffee after holding out for 30 years.

Charlie is 5 ½ years old and started Kindergarten this fall.  He enjoys school, although some activities he enjoys too much and has a hard time moving on to the next!  Outside of school, he has taken a real interest in geography.  He has all 50 states and capitals memorized, and frequently asks to visit various places around the globe.

Levi is 3 ½ years old and has started preschool at daycare.  Life without his big brother around during the day has been an adjustment...that he takes advantage of.  Even with the additional attitude, he is still a sweetheart by nature.  No one says, "I love you," more than him.

Grayson is now 1 year old!  He is the best Black Friday special we will ever receive.  He started daycare full time along with his older brothers last spring.  He is just steps away from walking on his own, and very vocal (our house is loud).  If he is quiet, you can be certain that he is getting into something he isn't supposed to be.

To top it off, we actually got a family photo with all five of us looking at the camera without shedding any blood, sweat or tears!

Photo by Creative Pictures

Although it was omitted from the letter, this is the photo that convinced Travis to get his own pair of boots since he was the only one not wearing any (even though the baby's look more like moccasins).  Travis had a few pairs as a kid, but nothing says "I LIVE IN THE COUNTRY" like a nice pair of boots.

If only I could get him to wear bootcut jeans...

Okay, nothing says "I LIVE IN THE COUNTRY" more than a pair of worn boots possibly covered in manure.

Truth be told, I'd be okay if we leave the manure part out for awhile - I deal with enough of the human kind on a day to day basis as it is.

So, with the addition of the boots, I guess you could say we are fully acclimated to country life.  But don't worry, I still have plenty of stories to share with you.

Here's to typing them out in 2015!


P.S. I actually own two pair of boots now - three if you count my (farming) work boots...and counting.  Why didn't anyone ever tell me they were so dang comfortable?!


  1. Two pairs? You're a novice....we're heading to Nashville. I'll hook you up. :D

    1. I'm trying to pace myself ;). I have brown and black covered. Now it is time to get more wild in my color selection!

  2. Welcome back! Let me tell you, the time will warp even faster, the older you get! Five, six years go by and it seemed like yesterday!!