Friday, January 24, 2014

Doggoned Weather

Oh where, oh where
have those dog-days-of-summer gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?

The dog days of summer are far, far away - that is where.  They can be found in approximately six months to be exact.

With the chilly temperatures that we continue to have, I find myself longing for sunshine and life without 5 pound boots and parkas.

However, I am not refreshed and ready for the grueling work that comes along with the farming season.  No, I am still blissfully "vacation" mode - at least in my very sleep-deprived state of mind.

The dog days of summer are MIA.  The only dogs that can be found around here this time of year are sundogs.

Prior to moving to the North Dakota prairie, I don't believe that I had ever seen sundogs or even knew what they were.  The city has too many obstructions, like buildings, that would have blocked their magnificent view.

Sundogs are made by refracting light by ice crystals in the air.  If you follow the link to Wikipedia you will see a perfect photo of sundogs in Fargo.  People in this area are constantly posting photos of them on Facebook or submitting them to the news weather guys.  It makes me think that this area is the sundog capital of the country.

The photo above was taken on Monday late afternoon after I had picked up the older boys from daycare.  Going into town there was a clear view of the dogs as the sun was higher in the sky, but I was running a tad bit late thanks to Grayson having to be fed (babies are demanding, yes?), so I did not have time to stop to get a photo of it.  We're not going for perfection here, people.

You want to see what it was like on Monday morning after I had dropped the boys off at daycare?

A blizzard with near zero visibility for many parts of the drive.  Our farm is on the left just beyond that last tree.  This was the same day as the sundog photo.  Seriously.

Here's another one.

Wednesday we had a ground blizzard - a blizzard caused by snow on the ground being whipped up by very strong winds.  Notice the blue sky?  That just means it is freezing cold.

Guess what the forecast is for next week?

"Tooth Chippin'.  Ear Splittin'.  Tear Freezin'."

Doggonit, I need a warm weather vacation!



  1. Hi Dana,
    I've followed your blog for some time (I blog for the Grand Forks CVB so we're always looking for other ND perspectives!), but just must comment: this ought to be required reading for everyone, especially this year. You have a refreshing perspective, looking forward to continuing following! Take care.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I wish I could blog more, but time is always a factor. Hopefully, I can write more this year.