Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Introducing Mr. Grayson

In my last post on Thanksgiving Day I mentioned that it was Baby #3's due date.  And like clock-work, later that day I started going into labor!

Without going into too many gory details for those of you who a) don't have children and/or b) get uncomfortable about people sharing their labor and delivery stories, here is how it all went down.

My first sign came in the morning (details omitted).  Then that afternoon while at my sister-in-laws for Thanksgiving meal I started having sporadic, small contractions.  I was not really in pain but from my previous labor experiences, I knew that I would be delivering a baby in the next 24 hours.

Early that evening we got home to the farm and I continued to have a contraction about every hour.  They were getting a little stronger and longer, but nothing that caused me to stop and brace myself.  By some miracle we got Charlie & Levi to bed early.  I didn't really even have to wrestle them, so that reserved some of my energy.

As soon as I sat down in bed around 7:30, I started having contractions every 10-15 minutes or so.  My mother-in-law was at the farm, so less than an hour later Travis and I were on the road to Fargo.  With an hour drive to the hospital and it being my 3rd child, we were not going to take any chances of not getting there in time for the delivery!

My contractions in the car did start to get uncomfortable.  They make you rate your pain in the hospital by a numbered chart 1-10 with different face emotions associated with them.  Every mother knows what I am talking about.  You get asked to rate your pain numerous times throughout your pregnancy.  I would have rated my pain in the car at about a 4-5 when I was having a contraction.  Just think of a circle face with a straight line for the mouth (with very focused breathing patterns).

However, even though my contractions started to get stronger, throughout the drive my contractions started to get further apart.  I wasn't moving around to encourage my body to kick it into high gear, which we were thankful for!

We got to the hospital and although the head nurse was very nice, she gave me the song and dance that maybe I wasn't really in active labor, and we needed to see my labor progress before the doctor would come to the hospital or I would be sent home.


I did my best to not have a panic attack, and politely told her that we lived an hour away, it was my due date for my third child, and I was NOT GOING HOME!  They offered a voucher to a nearby hotel instead...whatever.  Instead she had me walk around the hallways for an hour to see if my contractions would resume.

As we walked the very empty hallways (it was a holiday after all), contractions started getting closer and were quite strong.  Sure enough, after the hour I had dilated more and was admitted to the hospital.  The head nurse called the doctor to have him come to the hospital.  I requested an epidural STAT!

When we got into the delivery room I had the longest contraction of my life.  I seriously wondered if it was ever going to end.  Then my water broke - that really got everyone moving to get the room set up for the delivery of the baby.

The nurses kept checking to see how much I was dilated.  I just wondered where that epidural was?!  (Travis did time this and it took 50 minutes for the anesthesiologist to get in the room from the time I requested it.  They told me it would be a half an hour.  I'm just happy I got it!)

Soon after the doctor arrived and after about 5 minutes of pushing we were introduced to this little man!

Grayson was born one o'clock in the morning.  He weighed in at 8 lbs. and was 21 1/2 inches long.

Later in the day the proud older brothers came to meet the newest addition to our family.

After being awake for over 36 hours straight, Travis and I were tired, but we were very happy to receive our Black Friday special!


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