Saturday, December 21, 2013

Always Be My Baby

Yesterday marked week #3 for Grayson.  Although he is very much still a newborn, he has changed so much.  For example, at his check up he had already gained a pound and a half, and grown (stretched out) by another inch and a half!

Since he is the last baby we are planning on having, I am trying to soak in all of the things that I love about newborns: the tiny hands gripping my finger, the little feet, the yawns, the cute sounds, the smell.  Babies are precious, even when you are up half the night with them.

I had been contemplating getting newborn photos taken of Grayson even while he was still in the womb.  I never did get many professional baby photos of Charlie or Levi.  I was too cheap, and just couldn't bring myself to spend money on possibly mediocre photos at Target (I love Target, but let's be real).

However, over the past six months I noticed that I was taking fewer photos of Charlie & Levi due to the fact that I was exhausted and my maternity pants did not leave much room for my point-and-shoot camera.  Looking back it makes me sad that I did not put in a greater effort to document our everyday life, or get more professional photos taken.

We have a great photographer in one of the nearby towns.  Seriously, she is gem to have in such a small community.  I decided to splurge and spend the money to get some cute photos take of Grayson to remember this short newborn stage, and they are so cute (I am not biased at all).

It is pretty apparent that Grayson will forever be the baby of the family.  Hopefully we don't spoil him too bad.

Here are some of my favorites.  Photos by Creative Pictures.

He'll always be my (Santa) baby!


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