Monday, July 1, 2013

Our So-Called "Pets"

It's been a busy spring and summer here on the farm.  I've become one of the farmhands (there could be about 10 more posts on this subject matter), so I have less time to devote to hobbies, including this blog, but I wanted to take a break from the madness and share some news with you!

Less than a week ago we acquired four new "pets" on the farm.  You may be wondering why I have "pets" in quotation marks...

How can you call something a "pet" when you plan on consuming it?!

I always told myself that we would not get any an animals on the farm until all of my kids were out of diapers.  I appears as if that won't be happening...

That's right folks!  We have four calves in our pasture under the ownership of my sister-in-law's family, my in-laws, and ourselves.  Our main purpose in purchasing the calves is that we all want freezer-fulls of beef come fall, but also because our pasture grass was getting out-of-control (as shown in the photo below).

In years past we have rented out the pasture to neighboring farmer, but this year we tilled up a portion of it and planted soybeans.  The remaining pasture is right next to our barn and is fenced off into a couple of areas.

All of the calves are tame, which is great since we have kids that want to work with them.  Without further introduction, let's meet these fine specimens.

Oreo (aka Beef #1)

Oreo is a Holstein bull calf.  He LOVES to eat and is very vocal.  He is the first to come by to get his face scratched or back rubbed.  He will be sent to the meat locker as he will be the one to grow the fastest and put on the most weight over the summer.

Ginger (aka Beef #2)

Ginger is a red heifer.  We're not exactly sure of her breed since my father-in-law says there are many different breeds can produce that color, and none of cattle that we purchased are pure bred (I don't care, it's beef!).

She was almost named Poncho by my niece Emma before she realized that he was really a she, so I recommended Ginger instead.  She is the most tame, will eat hay from your hand and take a good face massage whenever she can get one.

Mocha (aka Beef #3)

Mocha is some sort of a black heifer.  Travis refers to her as Blacky (as in black coffee) because I think he has an issue with fancy coffees on the farm.  According to him, if you drink coffee you drink it black, and maybe with a dash of Splenda and milk in the winter.  I don't drink coffee unless I am desperate, and then I usually require ad-in's to eliminate as much as the coffee taste as possible.  

Blacky Mocha is quite bossy.  She eventually separates herself from the others to a different part of the pasture when the kids and I go to visit.  It could be she dislikes the racket of small children.  I don't blame her.  Because of this she is also camera shy.

"Can't those dang kids be quite?!"

Side note: We were only going purchase three cattle this year, but my father-in-law wanted to get our fourth one...

Daisy (aka Beef #4)

Daisy is a Black & White face heifer.  She is named after the cow in Ree Drummond's Charlie the Ranch Dog.  At first, she is the most timid of the bunch, but now is the bossiest of them all.  According to Travis she is the top of the hierarchy, followed by Mocha, Oreo, then Ginger.

We're not sure of Ginger, Mocha, and Daisy's fate yet.  We really don't want to keep cattle over the winter due the extra work that is involved, but we will make that decision in the fall.

I can tell you, if and when we take Mocha to the meat locker, I will try a coffee rub on one of her roasts or steaks.  It only seems fair.




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