Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Favorite Mistake

I am beginning to feel that having a garden this year may have been a terrible mistake.

The jungle has started to grow...

You may recall that last summer my garden was my pet-project.  It was a lot of hard work, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the fresh produce and how well it turned out.

That was a year ago.  I was not a farm-hand.  I was not pregnant.

This year I knew that I wanted to do a garden again, but I was not as motivated.  I knew the work that I would have to put into it (which is a lot), and that I would have a lot less time or energy leftover to devote to it.

For example: This morning it took me three hours to weed the entire garden.

Bent over.

On my hands and knees.

While pregnant.

This the mess that now surrounds the entire garden.

Due to helping Travis, taking on the yard-work (we have a large yard), and working part-time at other jobs, I have only weeded my garden three times the entire season.  One of those days being today.  The last time I weeded it was a month ago.  I've only watered it twice, and we really need rain unlike the rest of the state (note browning grass in all of the photos).

The best thing I did was lay down cardboard with rocks on top of all the grass in between my garden beds.  That has somewhat prevented grass growth and having to use the push mower weekly.  Makes me sweat just thinking about it.

Just call us "green" - reusing chemical boxes to kill grass.

I am glad that was done early in the pregnancy.  There is no way my back could support carrying around the truckloads of rocks that I had hand-picked and placed with my current bowling ball of a belly.

There were other things that I had hoped for to improve the garden from last season like putting down soaker hoses (which are sitting in the garage), laying down straw as mulch to prevent weed growth and keep the moisture in the soil (which are now in piles next to the water spigot), and fertilizing with old cow manure prior to planting (my manure experts were too busy doing other farming things).

However, I am just thankful that I have garden growing.  The only reason it got planted was because my grandpa made it a priority to get it tilled when he was visiting in May for corn planting.

Grandpa Slim with Charlie & Levi - my helpers!

He also helped put up the support for my snap peas, which all got killed in a couple weeks by some animals because I did not have a fence up (certain children destroyed it from the previous season and it had to be removed).

The only reason plants are growing is because my mom helped put the fence up a month later when she was visiting and the boys were napping.  It is two different heights because I had failed to purchase additional chicken-wire and we were using up other rolls.  Awesome.

The garden is growing, but is not going to win any awards.

Now I am sitting in front of the air-conditioner wondering if I am going to be able to walk this evening...And wondering if my tomatoes are ever going to grow.

A couple of yellow pear tomatoes ready for picking.

There is hope.  And Tylenol.

Polishing my green-ish thumb,

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