Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bun In The Oven

When I first got pregnant with Charlie and told Travis that I had a "bun in the oven," I received no response.  He had no idea what I was talking about!

After living on the farm, I know he most certainly was not "born in a the barn," but I knew that he spent enough time there throughout his childhood that maybe he was just too secluded from society (just kidding...I think).  How did he not know what such a simple phrase meant?

By the time Levi came around, Travis was fully aware of what "bun in the oven" meant.

If you are just as lost has he was, it means that a women is pregnant and has a baby growing in her belly.

So you may be wondering why I am bringing this up now?  Shouldn't I have farming to talk about...

or something?





(Can you tell I am trying to stall?)



Well, folks.  You may have assumed it by now.  I have a "bun in the oven."

First Baby Photo

Please note bun.  Not buns.  No multiples here.

Actually, I should say turkey, because the due date is on Thanksgiving Day.  I'll be delivering an 8-pound turkey!

Here is a video of when we told the boys that they were going to have another sibling.  We had to tell them in the tractor because it was the middle of planting and Travis was working in the field non-stop.  And it was the only place we could get them to sit still and pay attention.

Watch it.  It is hilarious.

Now, Charlie really does want a sister.  He has a name picked out and everything: Canon Lynn. Please note that this would never be considered (I know, I am a terrible parent).

From early on in the pregnancy I have had a feeling that this baby would be another boy.  After all, I have had all of the same symptoms at the same times as I had with my other pregnancies.

We had the ultrasound yesterday and...

Baby Anatomy 101

It's another boy!  Yes, we will have three boys.  Ages 4, 2, and newborn.  Lord, help me. ;)

Charlie still doesn't believe me.  I just hope he doesn't tell people that he has a sister after the baby boy is born.  FYI - There is no plan to try for a sister.  And we all know how much I like to obsessively plan for things.

Here is the obligatory pregnancy bump photo.

Almost 20 weeks

I am not the gambling type, but I will start taking bets on when I will actually pop.  My best guess is that I will go into labor while driving tractor pulling the grain cart during corn harvest.  Seriously.  Going 6mph over uneven terrain in a tractor should be on the recommended list of ways to induce labor.  It's a bumpy ride, I tell you!


P.S. "We're fine the way we are." - Charlie (Watch the video.)

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  1. Yay! We are due around the same time! Nov. 21st here!