Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wood Duck Houses

My parents were visiting the farm this past weekend and brought with them a special surprise for the boys.

No, not you Oke!  Oke is my parents' dog.  I am sure he would thoroughly enjoy life at the farm...(that is not an invitation.)

The surprise were two wood duck houses that my dad had my grandpa construct for Charlie and Levi.  The houses have to be near the water, so our pasture that currently only has old manure was the perfect location since it is close enough for the boys to keep an eye on.

Even after living at the farm for what will be two years this summer, the boys and I had never ventured this far into the pasture since there has typically been cattle in it.  The pasture is also a graveyard for old pieces of machinery.  Oke had fun jumping over this one.

The wood duck houses have to be hung about six feet from the ground on a tree or fence post.  Inside is a ladder made of hardware cloth for the duck to climb using her claws and wood-shavings as bedding.  The hope is that female wood ducks will find one of the houses this spring and create her nest in it.

I have been instructed to not touch them until my dad returns to check on them in the fall.  The boys will continue to work on their duck calls until then...


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