Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bird Death Trap

The weather this past weekend was beautiful - sixty degrees and at least partially sunny.  Sunday I decided to start on (my lack of) spring cleaning and washed the outside of the windows on the house.

Since then, we have had at least one bird commit suicide everyday by flying straight into the glass.  We'll be in the house and all of a sudden hear a loud clunk that makes you jump.

Many times this happens on the windows in our living and dining rooms around our deck.  I'll find the limp bird laying on the wood later when we go outside.  I try to get it to the birds before the boys spot them and at least kick them off the deck into the shrubs.

But last night I when I went outside quick to take a picture of our new-to-us sprayer being delivered...

I came back up to the house, and Charlie came running up to me with this thing bobbing around in his hand.

Charlie:  "Look, Mom!  A bird!"

Me:  (trying to prevent my gag reflex and not sound too hysterical)  "Drop it right there Charlie!"

Charlie:  (confused)  "But Mom, its a bird..."

Me:  "I understand.  Don't touch anything!"

Bath time immediately followed with a discussion on how we are not to pick up anymore birds (dead or alive) with our bare hands.

l need to go outside and remove any other stragglers before Charlie starts collecting them (I wouldn't put money on the discussion we had the night before actually preventing him from doing this).

The crazy thing about it all is that I haven't even cleaned the inside of the windows yet, or the screens, and they are much worse when it comes to cleanliness than the outside of the windows had been thanks to my children who rub their faces and hands all over the glass any chance they can get.

Also, I will have to continue to put up with the bird carcass clean-up because I refuse to hang those sun-light catchers in them - I don't want to attract my children to the windows more than they are already.

Off to complete the dead bird clean-up...


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