Saturday, April 20, 2013

Experimenting With Mud

Today it was a balmy 39 degrees here at the farm, so we went outside to enjoy the "spring" weather before the next snowfall hits tonight (I wish I were kidding).

While we were outside, the boys decided to test the physical properties of mud.

First we discussed how dirt + water (or melted snow) = mud.  Walking through the mud and puddles was a must!

Look at those muddy boots.  If you think that is bad, just wait...

Next it was time to experiment with the suction power of mud.

"I'm stuck."

They found out that "mud is really sticky" and mom had to come rescue them.  Levi fell on his butt.  A boot was sacrificed.

Next they tested the cleaning power of snow.  Walking through snow cleans off muddy boots fairly well, but clothing not so much.

Since they were now "clean," they decided it was time to got walk through the mud again and get some hands-on experience.

I drew the line when Levi started to drink the dirty water.  "YUM!"...gross.

Once we walked back to the house I stripped them down in the garage and promptly put everything in the washer.

Oxy Clean: Testing the limits of farm boys daily.


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