Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Belated Birthday

Today I send out a very Happy Belated 4th Birthday to Charlie!

His inability to wink is a family trait.

His birthday was a month ago, and we partied so hard it just took that long to recover ;).

In reality, I just haven't had the time to get a post up about the multiple parties that he was able to partake in.  This spring we're busy working at the tax office (one more day! wahoo!), getting equipment ready for the field, recovering from a nasty stomach flu last week, and head colds this week (with an ear infection for Levi).  Oh, and I also started working at our church as the secretary.

While I do feel that the blog has been somewhat neglected, at least I have multiple excuses as to why there was a delay in celebrating Charlie's birthday with all of you.  I won't go into the wonderful gifts that he received from friends and family (mostly because he will not pause for me to take a photo), but here's a recap of his birthday goodies:

First, there was a celebration at his preschool.  Since his birthday was around St. Patrick's Day, I made these yummy cake pops for him to share with his friends.  The theme of the day was "something green," so we dyed the lemon-cake green.

Cake pops!

They were a hit, especially with me...we had many leftover, and I proceeded to consume them at a rate I'm not willing to divulge.  Charlie approved too.

Then, on Charlie's actual birthday, he got to celebrate at daycare.  For that event I made dirt cake with gummy worms on top.  He was more interested in the actual gummy worm than anything else.

The next day we had a family party at the farm where we ate dirt cake cupcakes (similar to dirt cake, but on top of a cupcake).  Charlie was quite disappointed in these.  According to him, any form of cake is required to have about two inches of frosting on top, because he only eats the frosting and not the cake.

Thankfully, Levi had no qualms.

The next week we were at my parents' in the Twin Cities to celebrate Easter.  This is the one event that I did not have prepare food for, and I think Charlie preferred it that way, because this is the cake that he got...

My aunt had it made at a local bakery/grocery store, and I will have to live up to it every year from now on.  In future years, as long as the birthday cake is topped with mile-high, colorful frosting and a toy tractor, I'll be safe.

Lessons learned...


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