Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Not Minot?!

Valentines Day came and went two weeks ago in its usual fashion in our household - as if it wasn't even a holiday.

Travis and I agree that Valentines Day is a "Hallmark holiday" aimed at coaxing our consumerist society to spend even money on flowers, expensive gifts, and overpriced restaurant meals.  The only difference this year is that the boys had some treats from their friends that we could raid.

Hopeless romantics we are not!

However, this year was also slightly more sentimental.  Ten years ago this weekend, I met the man that would change my life forever.

Back in 2003, I was a college freshman; he was a college senior.  We met at his fraternity house.  He asked me to their Spring Term the following weekend ("term" is fraternity-speak for prom, only it is lot more fun).  Our first date was a few days later at what was the Red Bear Grill in Moorhead, Minnesota (now Usher's House).  We were a couple ever since.  You can read more about our story here.

So how are we celebrating this milestone in our relationship?  A weekend in Minot, North Dakota, of course!

Travis and I are on the Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee and this weekend we had a meeting to plan next year's event, which will be in Minot (mark your calendars for Jan. 31-Feb 2, 2014).

Having never been north (or west, or south for that matter) of Bismarck, it was nice to see some of the different geography of the state.  Even if it is covered in snow.

Looking towards Lake Sakakawea on Hwy 83, ND.

It has been ten years since Travis had been to Minot, and he said he couldn't even recognize the place.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take some photos, but just imagine a lot of new hotels and restaurants next to a Walmart that is the size of a couple of football fields (this is just the area we were in).

Now, I must tell you that the drive to Minot consisted of two different stops to look at two different sprayers.  I have come to expect that with every road trip there will be a least some sort of excursion to look at farm equipment.  I have also learned that if your husband says it will only take a half-an-hour to look at the equipment and talk with the salesman, it will really take two hours.

Fortunately, I now come prepared with plenty of reading material.  Currently I am reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin.  I also love to have my tablet to read up on the blogs that I don't seem to actually have time to read anymore!

It really didn't matter where we were.  We had a four-and-a-half hour drive (both ways) to ourselves and dinner at an actual restaurant - kid free!

Where should a couple spend their ten-year dating anniversary???

Why not Minot?!


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