Friday, March 15, 2013

The Thaw

Sunday was start of daylight savings time - SPRING AHEAD!

The farmers around these parts can barely contain their excitement.  Travis was has been giddy every evening by the fact that the sun does not set until 7:30PM.

(Photo taken at a time when winter was still acceptable.)

Meanwhile, by 6PM I am looking for nature's dimmer switch.  I don't know about anyone else, but I am still dragging from the time change.  I even drank coffee.  I hate coffee.

We continue to work at the tax office, but preparations for the 2013 growing season are in progress:

Crop plans have been made.  Seed and other supplies have been purchased.

Similar to floorplans, but not - that would be a lot of square footage.

Crop insurance has been formulated.

Number crunching toddler style (1-10).

Snow has been moved in every which way possible to clear the gravel for equipment to drive on.

How often can a farmer move snow?  Never enough!

The start of spring maybe coming up on the calendar, but we are still waiting for the spring-like temperatures to arrive.  Today we had a snow storm and it is going to be below zero tonight.  We are supposed to get more snow over the next couple of days.

Today I was reminded to never take the township road!

Sometime soon, we'd like small spurts of temps above freezing to start the thaw.  We're hoping for a slow, gradual snow melt so that some moisture can be absorbed into the subsoil to help recover a bit from the drought that we experienced last year.  We'd like to avoid a fast thaw in which all of the moisture runs directly into the waterways.

But beggars can't be choosers - something farmers are reminded of regularly.  We do not control the weather.

Mother Nature will decide when the planting season officially begins.

The verdict is still out on whether this year's farming season will be "normal," but it will be interesting to see the difference that this year brings.  Weather in the Midwest tends to be unpredictable, especially during the change of seasons.

This day one year ago: March 15th, 2012.

While it is not my favorite season, I do love spring.  The grass becomes green and you get to go outside without a snowsuit on ( doesn't appear to be the case this year).

It is also the time of MUD.  I am mentally preparing myself for the cleaning and laundry, and general busyness this time of year brings.  And will I continue to do so while waiting for the thaw.


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