Tuesday, March 19, 2013

National Ag Day

Today is National Ag Day!

Until today, I wasn't aware that there was a National Ag Day.  My Facebook news feed has been flooded with "Happy National Ag Day!," which is great!  But I still can't believe I didn't know such a day existed.  I guess I am still becoming emerged in the agriculture culture...

Many people read my blog just to keep up with our family.  Some of you may already be knowledgeable about agriculture.  Others probably still can't believe that I moved from a comfortable city life with an growing career to a farm in the middle of no-where to raise our family.  But here is where I share my story, and I hope that those that visit my blog learn a little more about the agriculture industry - right along with me.

I don't write about agriculture in every post, but as Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation and chairman of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance put it, "For farmers and ranchers, everyday is Ag Day."

So to celebrate Ag Day, and I thought that I would share a few of my favorite agriculture-related blogs and posts.  These are people who share their story and from whom I learn more about agriculture.

The Pinke Post: A Food Choice Mom.  I love this post from Katie.  Whether you are parent or not, you get to make choices about the food that you consume.  And that is the beauty in it - choices.

Griggs Dakota: This blog is written by Katie's mom about their family farm in North Dakota.  I didn't link to just one post, because all of them are great educational resources on agriculture.  My boys love when I read her posts to them.  I'm not is sure if it is the information or just the photos of tractors that they like more.

Wag'n Tales: Calving Season Has Started.  Did you know that some ranchers have calving season in the winter?  We don't own cattle, but Val does a great job explaining everything from cattle, to problems with the school lunch program, agriculture policy and more!

The Pioneer Woman: Seven Things I Love About the Country.  Ree Drummond is a household name around here.  After all, her blog is extremely popular, and she has her own cooking show on the Food Network (which I don't get to watch because we don't have cable).  The link above is just a random post that I like, but her archives are so vast that there could have been more.  Trust me, I read them all while I was on maternity leave with Levi.

There are many other great agriculture blogs out there with families wanting to share their story.  If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask them.  Agriculture is everyday for our family; and with every meal that you eat, agriculture is everyday for you too.

Happy National Agriculture Day!


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