Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Blizzard

Just in case you are reading this post from somewhere other than your couch in eastern North Dakota or northern Minnesota, I thought that I'd inform everyone we are currently in the middle of a blizzard.

It started yesterday evening with snow and strong winds.  Below is the view out our living room window then.  As you can see, the wind was already causing minimal visibility and our driveway was no longer existent.

As of this morning, the snow had stopped, but the wind was still going strong with gusts over 40 mph.  No travel was advised in many areas of the state, and even the snow plows were pulled off the road in part due to near zero visibility.

Such travel conditions are very hazardous in the country as our roads are not protected like they would be in a city.  There is nothing to stop the wind!  If something is in the way, it causes a large snow drift and can eventually block the road.

Road conditions at 8am this morning.
(Dotted red = NO TRAVEL ADVISED!)

The little box in the corner of the map says that maximum travel speeds were at 36 miles per hour on the highway we take to town.  I find that hard to believe.  I would probably be going less than that.  I would not be caught driving in that, because if I did, I would be in the ditch, which I haven't done yet and intend to keep it that way.  It is part of my Rules of the Road!

Somehow Travis still thought he was going to get to work at the tax office.  I tried to tell him that was highly unlikely due to the above, and that all schools in our area were cancelled. This usually means town is shut down as well, but you cannot tell a man that until he checks it out himself.

Clearing the snow is a sporting event in our household with eager participants and spectators.  The spectators want to be participants as well, but their mom won't let them until they are at least the age of 10.

Look kids!  Daddy is driving on only two wheels!

After clearing the snow and driving down our road a bit, Travis agreed that travel was probably not advisable.  Visibility was terrible, but the photos can be deceiving because we live on an older homestead that is very sheltered.

We are still in the month of March, so crazy weather events like this are to be expected in the Midwest - but it doesn't mean that we enjoy them!

Everyone is getting a serious case of cabin fever.  As I posted a few days ago, we are ready for the spring thaw, not another snow storm.  This was not our first blizzard of the season, but I hope it is our last.  

Nothing much to do but talk complain about the weather...


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