Monday, February 11, 2013

The Birthday Boy 2.0

Today is my baby's 2nd birthday.  He may not be a "baby" anymore in true form, but he will be "baby" as long as he refers to himself as one...which he does multiple times daily.

The Birthday Boy!

We had a family birthday party for Levi on Saturday.  It was just in time for everyone to get home before the blizzard hit our part of the state...more on that later!

Pizza with cousins at our new-to-us kids' picnic table.

I made "Better Than Anything" cake because it is the one of the best tasting cakes in the world, or at least the Upper Midwest.  I say "Anything" because the cake's real name may be considered inappropriate for a 2-year-old's birthday (and that is what Betty Crocker named it).

I don't care what kind of cake you call it!  It was delicious and I went into a sugar coma after eating it.

Levi received many nice gifts which the boys continue to fight over constantly.  One such gift is a play tool set in it's own tool box.  The boys, including their dad, chase each other around to drill and saw into various body parts.  I only have myself to blame, but I did not know that I was purchasing a redneck's surgeon kit.

Safety first!

Levi's presents are apparently also Charlie's...

Future farmers...or monster truck mechanics.

The boys were supposed to go to daycare today where Levi was planning on sharing some birthday treats with his friends, but that is postponed until later in the week when we are able to get past the driveway.  Thankfully we didn't have this weather in the Cities two years ago or we may not have been able to get to the hospital!

Photo taken yesterday afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Mommy, Daddy & Charlie

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