Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sledding in North Dakota

Downhill sledding is a bit of an oxymoron on our little piece of the North Dakota prairie.

Not in motion.  This is where he stopped.

There is sledding on a snowmobile - but we don't own one.

There is sledding via being pulled on a sled.

But the "puller" eventually gets tired.

There is not real downhill sledding.

That would require hills, of which are slim to none around here.  Anything resembling hill can mainly be found in a river valley, which we are miles from.*

Growing up, I had a prime sledding hill right in my parents' backyard in the suburbs.  It was graded towards the house, so it was always a challenge to get enough momentum and run into the house.  That really never happened since my dad set straw bales in front of the bird feeders which were on posts near the house at the base of the hill, but that didn't keep us from trying!

Since at the farm we do not have even have a good hill to sled down, we use our available resources to make one.

Bobcat + Snow + Blizzard + Snow + ... (okay, you get the idea) = Man Made Sledding Hill!

Our "sledding hill" (aka pile of snow) is not too impressive, but keep in mind that it's users are age 3 and under.

As the boys get older, I'm sure they will find ways to create a more thrilling hill with ramps and other features intended to give me a heart attack, but until then we will continue to use the mound of snow.

And pulling each other around the yard in the sled.

Or not.  Watch out for the snow drifts.

Sledding Extraordinaire, Dana

*Believe it or not, we do have a ski area about 30 minutes away from the farm.  Travis spent some winter days there growing up.  We'll have to check it out when the boys are a little older.

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