Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Greetings

Happy New Year!

We celebrated ringing in the New Year here the farm, just the four of us.

The boys were in bed by 7:30pm (hooray!).  I spent the remainder of the evening cleaning and organizing our laundry room while drinking a glass of sparkling wine.  It may not seem too exciting, but I was thrilled get that project started as it has been on my “to-do” list for only a year or so.

Travis and I watched the ball drop in NYC and then immediately went to bed.  Levi woke me up at 12:15am, so I almost got witness the exact turning of the clock into the New Year, but obviously that was not by choice.

2012 flew by here at our family farm.  It seems with every month we were getting more involved in our own farming operation and in the community.  In case you did not receive it, I thought that I’d share our Christmas Card and a summary of our letter.

Dear Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The cold temperatures and snow have moved into southeast North Dakota, so we are ready for Santa and his sleigh.  As you can see in the photos, we’ll provide the reindeer!

In 2011, we moved to the country to start farming with Travis’s parents.  It was a wonderful opportunity and we are very happy with our decision to leave the corporate world and raise our kids in the country.  During last winter we were in the Minneapolis area as Travis contracted with his old architecture firm.  We returned to the farm in March.  We will not be going back to the Cities this winter as there are many projects to complete on the farm in the off-season, and Travis and Dana will both be working part-time at the local tax office.

We were blessed with a good year for farming.  Many farmers were concerned due to the drought that plagued most of the Midwest, but we were fortunate to get by with what little precipitation that we had and the existing moisture in the ground. 

Dana has transitioned from the city life to farm-wife.  She is becoming a professional at packing meals, giving rides to the various fields (without GPS or road signs!), and doing the bookkeeping for Travis’s operation – all with the boys in tow.  This summer she planted her first garden (that was overly abundant), and helps to organize a local Mother’s of Preschoolers (MOPS) group where she has met many new friends.

Charlie is now 3 ½ years old and is very stubborn!  He attends preschool two mornings a week (soon to be four a week), and Sunday School.  He loves being Daddy’s little helper.  In fact, when he is out helping Travis work on machinery, he will find the right tools to take some of the parts off himself!  He frequently corrects Dana on her farm equipment terminology.

Levi is a crazy and wild little brother.  At 1 ½, he is talking, running and climbing, and is very strong.  Recently, he was able to part with his pacifier, began sleeping in a “big boy” bed, and is potty training himself!  He is still very much a mama’s boy, but that will probably start to change once he is able to go out and work with his dad in the tractor.  Both boys will be attending the same daycare as their cousins three days a week starting in January.

You can follow along with us at a blog Dana has been writing: The Green Acres Report (www.thegreenacresreport.blogspot.com).  (Duh…you are reading it now.) It is a journal chronicling our life from the city to the countryside.  Posts vary in frequency depending on free time, which lately is few and far between.  As the saying goes, “the hours are long but the days are short!”

Travis, Dana, Charlie & Levi

Thank-you to everyone that sent cards to us!  Many days Jack Frost tried to attack our mailbox, but we still managed to get the deliveries.

The boys and I loved opening the cards up everyday, especially those that came with photos.  Getting something other than farm publications and bills in the mail is one of the highlights of our day.

Here’s to another year!


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