Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Another Preschool Punk

Have you noticed that I haven’t been blogging lately?  Well, that is due to many factors.

One factor being that Blogger (my blog's platform) was not allowing me to post anymore photos as they restrict the total size of storage on a blog.  After talking to Travis, I bit the bullet and am now paying a monthly fee to keep this thing going.  You hear that people?!  I am now investing my time and money in this thing. I guess $2.49 a month on a hobby isn't completely braking the bank, but sometimes I can be cheap.

The other major factor as to why I haven't had time to invest in this ol' blog is my first child, but more on that later...

The field work is finally done on the farm, so we have been out of town seven of the last fifteen days* because we can actually leave the farm for more than one day at a time.

Two weekends ago we were attending the North Dakota Farm Bureau conference in Fargo as delegates for our county.  Even after the conference I still find this to be ironic since two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about farming.  I still don’t know that much, but I’m learning.  And I was a warm body.

The Farm Bureau weekend was cut short after I got a phone call from our babysitter (Travis’s parents) that Levi was up all night with the stomach flu.  The next three days consisted of what I will call “symptoms” to ease the gross factor.  We were not even sure if we were going to get to celebrate Thanksgiving, and there is nothing we like more than stuffing ourselves with food.

Fortunately, everyone got better in time and we were in the Twin Cities for Thanksgiving visiting my family.  It was great to see my family (Travis was a little disappointed that my mom continues to boycott gravy), but I’m not sure we’ll stay for four nights in a row ever again…or that we’ll ever be invited to stay that long ever again.  Let’s just say the boys were at their best misbehavior.

Even after we returned from our travels, Travis has been home even less.  This week alone he has been to Fargo for an agriculture expo, Grand Forks for a farm equipment auction, and Jamestown for another farm equipment auction, and to Jamestown again today to pick up the auger that he purchased at the auction.

That being said, the boys and I have been spending lots of quality time together.  Oh, and preschool was cancelled both days this week too.  Great…

Let me just put in the obligatory statement that: yes – love my kids dearly, yes – I am very fortunate to get to stay home with them, yes – I am blessed to have a husband that is home (at least in the evenings most of the time), yes – I can over-exaggerate sometimes…

But sometimes you just need a break from your kids, and specifically the one that is completely defiant at age three (they don’t call it the treacherous three’s for nothing…or that’s what I’m calling it).  Did I mention that he is refusing to take naps most days and then proceeds with constant meltdowns?!  Nap time = mommy’s time.  No nap time = no sanity.  No sanity = …


I know what you more experienced mothers are thinking.  “Just wait, he hasn't even hit the teenage years yet!”

Don’t worry, that thought is always in the back of my mind!

Today Charlie got to spend the entire day working with his dad and grandpa as they brought the Cat bulldozer back from a field we just converted from CRP to cropland acres.  Then, as I mentioned before, they went to Jamestown to pick up the auger.  Charlie got to ride in the pick-up in his car seat.  Travis sent me this picture.

Does he not look like a teenage preschool punk in this picture?

He apparently found the sunglasses on the side of the gravel road while the guys were retrieving the Cat.  All I could think about is, “What teenagers were taking a joy ride in the middle of no where?!”  This field is pretty remote for our my standards, and I just can’t grasp how those sunglasses got there.

I’ll just say it now: I will probably definitely be one of those mothers who tracks the location of their child’s cell phone.

The things I have to look forward to.

Mother of a preschool punk,

Please note that this post was originally logged for Saturday, Dec. 1st, but I've been having issues (to say the least) and I couldn't get it to work until today!  Enjoy...I'm not sure when the next post will be!

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