Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas In A Small Town

Christmas in our small town is anything but small.  Since we were not at the farm last December, I did not know of all of the Christmas events our community had to offer.  In addition to events sponsored by the churches, our small town has a fine arts group that puts on many of the events over the first two weekends of December.  What I especially love is that the majority of these events were free, or just a few dollars!

Here are some of the events that we have participated in over the last couple of weeks:


Yes, that is how it is spelled.  It is a market where vendors sell Christmas gifts and baked goods.  I am very active in our MOPS group, and we sponsored one of the booths as a fundraiser selling cookies, bars, fudge, etc.  I did well in not purchasing anything during the event, but afterwards had to purchase some of the left-overs because Travis we had already consumed them.

Santa Visit

Santa took a break from his busy schedule at the mall in Fargo North Pole, and came to town to visit one Saturday morning where the boys got to have their photo taken with him.  They told him that they want tractors and combines and I am not surprised as that is what runs through their (or any farmer's) minds 24/7 .  Levi has also mentioned a puppy since it seems that every child Christmas book we have involves one.  I later told Santa that I really don’t want a dog as it is one more thing to potty train.

Swinging Into Christmas Show

We have so many talented musicians in our town!  Travis & I took his grandma Margaret to this music show that featured a jazz band, womens’ choir, mens’ choir, childrens’ choir and soloists, all performing a variety of Christmas songs.  It was very enjoyable and since it is comprised of only members from our community we knew many faces on the stage.

Cookie Exchange

The MOPS group that I mentioned above also had a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  We also discussed Christmas traditions and I got many new ideas of things we can do as a family to celebrate the holiday.  Not to brag, but I won the “Most Creative” Cookie Award!  I brought these Crushed Candy Cane Sugar Cookies, and in exchange brought home 16 other kinds of cookies…that only lasted two days in our house (and I forgot to take a picture).

Church Christmas Program

For weeks the Sunday School kids have been practicing for our church’s Christmas Program.  My sister-in-law and I team-teach the 3-4 graders, but fortunately we don’t have to coordinate the music (that is one of our talented musicians as mentioned above)!  Charlie is in the preschool-kindergarten group, and prior to this Sunday had boycotted participating with the group.  However, for some reason he decided that now would be a good time to cooperate.  I am getting a photo from our church’s resident photographer since Travis failed to take any pictures during the program (I was sitting with the Sunday School kids).  Apparently showing him where the camera was in the diaper bag prior the program was not enough direction.

Gingerbread House Making

We have been reading the Gingerbread Baby for the past couple of weeks, and every time after we read it Charlie would ask to build a gingerbread house.  I was just going to try to put something together with graham crackers, but Monday a church sponsored an after-school event where the kids could make them.  What a fabulous idea!

I don’t have photos, but I also got to attend an Ag Ladies Night/Christmas Party, a kid craft night (in which my children were only interested in the Cupcake Walk), and our niece’s Christmas dance recital.

Tomorrow evening I am also going to attend a Mom’s Night Out “Catch-Up” night to finish our Christmas cards while listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, and spending some time with my friends child-free.  I’m going to drop the cards off at the post office afterwards.  Hopefully you will get them by Christmas!

Next year we hope to attend more of the events including the community’s Advent Christmas Program, Holiday Lights Parade (think small town Holidazzle), and watching the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train roll into town.

I feel very fortunate to live in a community like ours where the people care about each other and enjoy being involved.  We are making new Christmas traditions and I hope that our boys will have many fond memories of the holiday in our small town even after they are grown up.

Merry Christmas!


  1. What a wonderfull pic of the boys eating all that sugar, I don't feel bad now when you bring them to see me. Looked like Charlie wasn't sure about Santa. Hope you had a good Christmas and have a great new year.

    1. They only ate a tenth of the sugar as compared to what they do when they visit you. I'm just happy no one cried while visiting Santa.