Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Ripple Effect

It has been just over a month since we had the pacifier intervention with Levi.  It went…okay.  As one would expect, he did have a hard time separating from his beloved “paci.” 

Even while writing this post, Levi happened to get a glimpse of a picture of him with a pacifier, pointed and said, “Paci!  PACI!,” and then ran to his room to look under his crib for any that he may have been hiding - and he did hide some of them.

For a couple weeks he would mysteriously find pacifiers throughout the house and come up to us sucking on it with a “look-what-I-found” expression.  WHERE WAS HE KEEPING THOSE?!  I would take it out of his mouth and hear the “pop” sound followed by some hysterics from both of us Levi.

But since the intervention has taken place, it has been a ripple effect for other areas of toddler maturity.

The first such example is that Levi has transitioned himself from the crib to a “big boy bed.”  He found it most difficult to fall asleep without his paci.  Since he would not cry himself to sleep (he could cry for hours), I ended up laying down with him in the queen bed we have for guests in the nursery until he fell asleep, and then sneak out of the room.

Even now you can still find me singing various lullabies to him over and over and over again until he falls asleep.  He also likes to have my arm wrapped around him or holding my hand.  This will be yet another habit to break with him, but for now I am going to enjoy the extra cuddle time.  I also don’t mind getting a little snooze in at nap time.

The second example of Levi becoming a toddler is the language explosion that has progressed since he no longer has a pacifier (or two) shoved in his mouth.  Some of the words are still in another language (“tractor” sounds like “gackoo”), but for the most part it is getting easier to understand him.  Many times throughout the day you can hear him saying the following: no, grandpa (which sometimes sounds like “bumpa”), ‘bine (short for “combine”), cheerio (sort of), uh-huh, nope, yessss and much more...don’t forget “NO!”

Levi has also picked up an expression from his brother.  Charlie is notorious for stalling (count it up to his stubbornness), and will constantly say “ONE MINUTE!” when I ask him to do something…which is slightly alarming since his is not even a teenager yet.

Now when Levi wants to act like he is brother, he puts up his pointer finger and mumbles “one minute!”  (Thank goodness it is the pointer finger).  Many times this is in the evening when he doesn't want to get out of the bath.

He is so thrilled with himself when we say, "okay, one minute."  I think we've created a monster.  A really, really cute monster.

The final example of Levi no longer being a baby is another huge milestone – he is potty training himself!  It started around the same time we took the pacifier away.

The boys love to play with Thomas the Train, and when Charlie transitioned to his 4T underwear Levi was obsessed with them because they featured characters from the Thomas videos.  I like to call Levi “The Underwear Bandit,” because he will steal Charlie’s underwear after he takes them off for bath or while I am folding the clean laundry.

I have not transitioned Levi off diapers yet, but anytime throughout the day I ask if he wants to sit on the potty he goes with success!  The fact that he can control it is amazing considering the potty wars I went through with Charlie…or still go through.  That kid will hold it as long as humanly possibly just to spite me.  Except when he wants to show Levi how it is done…

Did I mention that Levi is doing all this and still only 19 months?!  I guess it should be of no surprise since he started walking at 10 months.  The questions is: what’s next?!


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