Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Travis & I are slowly joining modern society in our attachment to electronic handheld devices.  This fall we purchased two used Samsung first-generation tablets.  Well, the story really went like this:

Travis: I just bought a tablet for us on Ebay.  I can hook it up to my Google Voice account and text for free, and hook it up to our Verizon account so that I can check my email and weather forecast while in line at the elevator or in the tractor.  It is going to save me so much time!

Dana:  Oh, really. So when am I going to get to use it?  (Giving “the look” that he typically ignores.)

(Long pause…)

Travis:  And I’m going to get you one too.

Dana: Oh, great!  I can’t wait.

They are not your fancy iPads, but they serve us just fine.  My tablet came with a case that looks like a dog has been chewing on it.  Travis has a heavy duty case that can stand life with a farmer (not pictured).

I still have to get used to using some of the apps, but it really is nice to have unlimited texting (we don’t have that set up on our archaic cell phone plan) and internet access wherever I please.  Some things are still easier to do on the computer.

Some of you may be wondering why we don’t just get smart phones.  The answer is that our plan doesn't renew until next summer, and Travis could not go any longer without the capabilities of modern technology.  After all, what does a farmer do when he doesn’t have to actually drive the tractor?!

A couple features that we really like are using Google Maps instead of our GPS (that we haven’t updated the maps on since we bought it), and the camera.  The camera takes really nice photos.  Well, not so much of children that like to move too quickly for the camera to react, but other more-stationary things it can handle.  Here is a short photo diary from Travis’s tablet.

September 7th:  Seeding winter wheat using our no-till drill.

September 15th:  “Parade” of trucks bringing in soybeans to the elevator (look in rear-view mirror).  And I am not one to condone vandalism, but there is something appealing about graffiti on train cars – a little art on a usually industrious piece of equipment.

September 22nd:  Busted truck fender from when the left-front tire blew out while driving home from the elevator on the highway.  He was very lucky that there was no on-coming traffic!  And he now wears in seat belt religiously.  What is it with farmers and not thinking that they need to wear a seat belt?! (End rant.)

September 22nd:  Combining soybeans at dusk.

November 7th:  Sunset - I see a lot more of them now that it happens at 5pm.

I haven’t been taking as many photos with my tablet since I usually have our camera in the diaper bag…which goes with me everywhere because the boys go with me everywhere.  However, I do plan to start using it more.

I took this photo this morning off our deck facing the south-east towards our driveway…in my underwear.  One of the benefits of living in the country is that there is a very slim chance someone will drive by, but dang was it cold!

We've only had snow a few days, but most of it should melt today or over the weekend as temperatures go back above freezing.  I don’t expect it to last very long.  Hello Winter!


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