Thursday, November 1, 2012

Elk Spotting

Spotted: two elk roaming a farmstead in southeast North Dakota.

Well, I only got a picture of one of them because the larger one seems to be camera shy really stubborn.  More on that later…

If you didn't know it yesterday was Halloween.  We had great weather for this time of year being sunny and in the 50’s.  Anytime you do not have to wear a parka and snow-pants to walk around after 5pm is a good time.  Plus, it is (usually) easier to see the kids’ costumes that way.

This time last year we had temporarily moved back to the Cities while Travis was working as a contractor with his previous architecture employer.  I am so glad that we are not doing that again this year!  It was too stressful, and now we are more involved in the community here and I don’t want to move…EVER AGAIN!  Last year we had spent Halloween trick-or-treating in my childhood hometown neighborhood (aka suburbia).  The boys were two adorable chubby monkeys.

This year Charlie decided that he and Levi were going to be elk after my parents had got them some paper antlers at a game hunting fair this summer.  I did not attempt to dress the boys up in their costumes until the day of Halloween in fear that they might destroy them (this is always a possibility with my children).

Of course, when the time came to document their cuteness, Charlie refused to let me take a decent picture of him.  This is the best photo I got with him actually smiling while wearing his costume.  He is running around the house before his preschool’s Halloween party.

Levi on the other hand thought that attention was great…

Somehow that last one reminded me of the deerscene from Tommy Boy.  What is with my childand that movie?

Levi kept rubbing the fake fur on his chest and saying “puppy!”  It was really funny because once we got to my sister/brother-in-law’s house, he would repeatedly voluntarily lock himself in the dog cage.  I’m considering getting one for our house.

Not the dog - just the cage…but one big enough for Charlie too.  Just kidding!  Don’t go calling the animal rights child protection people on me.

You may have noticed that I didn't put any tails on the boys.  I had the extra fabric to do it, but Charlie said he didn't want it.  Plus, I don’t need either of them to have more of an excuse to scratch their hind-ends than they do already.

Anyways, we spent the late afternoon and evening going to grandmas’ houses, the Veteran’s Home and visiting other family and friends.

Neither of the boys will say “trick-or-treat,” but somehow they still got candy.

In fact, Levi would shove his chubby not-so-little-anymore hand in the bowl and get 3-4 pieces out every time.

Charlie would eye the contents and many times if people didn't have any suckers he would shoo them away and say, “That’s okay.  We don’t need those.”  Shh, Charlie!  Yes WE do!

Overall, the boys were well behaved and we managed to make it to all of the stops we had hoped to get to...3 hours later.  Their dinner consisted of only candy and fruit snacks.  Only one set of antlers is still in tact.

Death by candy.

Maybe it was the artificial coloring and flavorings?

I’ll save remaining antlers for December.  Does anyone have a red nose?  I started listening to Christmas music today.

55 days...

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