Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stork Delivery

Look what the stork brought!

No, I haven’t been hiding a pregnancy from you! You know I wouldn't have been able to keep that a secret.

Little baby Norah was brought into our lives on Saturday.  She is the daughter of Travis’s sister and brother-in-law, and a new sister to our nieces Emma and Lyla.  We've all been anticipating her arrival, so we were very excited to hear that everything had gone well and that mom and baby were doing great.

The day before we went to visit the family in Fargo at the hospital, we told Levi and Charlie that they had a new baby cousin.  Charlie was his usual self and got excited, and then tried to change the subject - its all about him apparently.

At the hospital on Sunday, I tried to get a picture of Charlie with the baby, but he would not stay still long enough.  He was more interested in getting Tara’s bed to operate (fortunately it was turned off) and inspecting the lever on the hospital room door.

The night Norah was born, I told Levi about the baby he said, “OH!” and “OOOH!”  He loves to see our reaction whenever he says that.  I will have to try to get it on video.  However, unlike his brother, Levi was just as curious to see Norah in real life.

(Don’t be alarmed by Emma’s hand.  She just had a bad run in with a treadmill at a friend’s house.)

Levi even went over and gave Norah a little kiss on her head!  It was so sweet.

He then spent the remainder of the time enjoying the view of cookie-cutter homes and apartments of south Fargo.

Travis held Norah for a good portion of the time we were visiting.  He looks good with a baby, doesn't he?

Proud uncle with two uncontrollable sons.

Welcome to the world Norah!

Auntie Dana 

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