Monday, October 1, 2012

Record Setting Harvest

Saturday we wrapped up soybean harvest here at the farm.  To be completely done before October is crazy!

The last remaining soybean field was located right across the gravel road from our homestead, so the boys and I visited in the afternoon.

Jazz hands?

Levi has a lot of wrist action in his pageant wave.

Anyways, Charlie of course got to ride in the combine, but Levi and I hung out in the shade of the tri-axle truck and had a picnic.

Levi likes to chew on apples and spit out the skin.  It gets sticky.

Love this kid.

We had a great view of all the action.  Here is Grandma operating the combine.

And Travis returning from the elevator with an empty trailer.

We recently added an additional Timpte trailer to our fleet.  Can you guess which one is the new one?

The one with less dust is usually a dead giveaway.  Check out those rims!

It has been very nice having the extra storage space, and even more necessary for the upcoming corn harvest!

Fill it to the top!

Sunday, being a day of rest work, Travis and his dad were out combining our first corn of the year.  Remember how we were worried about if our crops were even going to produce this year due to that little thing called a drought?  Yeah, that’ll be in the history books, but hopefully not as an era like the Dustbowl.

Charlie’s rain dance must have been enough to push us through, because we have been getting some outstanding yields.  Just yesterday we were averaging 130-140 bushels per acre for corn.  That is like Iowa numbers!  Well, maybe not last year’s Iowa corn yields, but as a generalization it is very good when compared to the history of our fields.

Harvested corn takes up a lot more space than soybeans, so we only run one combine instead of two like we typically do with soybeans.  A lot of that is put into our grain bins to dry, but the corn is so near-perfect this year it doesn't even really need much, if any, drying.

It just goes to show how you cannot worry about that which is out of your control.  Farmers rely on the weather, whatever it may be, but there is no sense in loosing sleep over it.  God will provide in one way or another.

After months of dry weather, there is a chance we may get rain on Wednesday, which would be good for the winter wheat that was planted a few of weeks ago, but if not, we’ll get more combining done.  I’ll get some photos of the corn harvest up here soon.


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