Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mullet Boy

Meet Levi, my second born son who just recently turned 18 months and had not yet received a haircut.  Until yesterday that is.

We had been letting Levi’s hair grow out for sometime hoping that he would get the gorgeous curls that his brother had when he was a baby.  Instead Levi’s hair grew into it’s own version of a mullet.

Business in the front.

Party in the back.

That’s right.  My son has been rockin’ a mullet for months now and we haven’t felt the need to take care of it because:

1) It was cute.
2) It was baby-soft.
3) It drove my parents nuts (muhahaha!).

I especially liked the way his hair would flare when he was wearing his hat.

But the time had come to say good-bye to the baby and hello to the toddler.  I was able to restrain Levi in his high chair on the deck.  He was very willing to show off his locks one last time.

Then I got out our clippers and scissors and got to work.  I didn’t get many photos throughout the process since I was just trying to get it done without either of us having a meltdown.  However, I did capture this great shot of Levi squirting himself in the face with the water.

Please note that if you have a young child and have not yet cut his/her hair, the spray bottle is your best friend.  You many get a shot or two in the face, but it is well worth it as far as a distraction aid!

While Levi continued his assault on the pine tree next to our deck, I had to wait for his hair to dry to work with it.  He has the finest hair ever!  And a lot less than Charlie ever did.  Travis and I had joked about gradually cutting Levi’s hair into other various hairstyles, in particular giving him a rat tail, but I was just easier to get it all done with a once.

After it was complete Levi just went about his business as usual…digging in his belly-button.

Black thumb from smashing it in the toilet seat.

Levi looks even more like Charlie now. I have caught myself calling him the wrong name more often.  Next thing I know he’ll be more like Charlie and demand to go to the barber in town with his dad as he is too big to have his own mother cut his hair.

Please note that from here on out mullets will no longer be accepted in this household.

Barber Dana

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