Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harvest Update

Harvest is progressing here in southeastern North Dakota.  It is a relentless time, but with every field we are one step closer to being done…at least with soybeans.  There is still corn after that.

I am happy to say that they boys have been sleeping better since my last post.  Maybe their bodies are finally accepting the shorter days and cooler weather?  I know I am.

Yesterday the boys and I went out to visit Travis and his mom in the field.  We have been a man down for the past three days while my father-in-law has been at a conference for his other job as a farm management instructor.  It has been a little crazy around here!

While Charlie went on a combine ride with his dad, Levi and I hung out in the Blazer and read magazines (I know, tough job).  Well, Levi didn’t do much reading.  He is just as fascinated with tractors/combines/trucks as his brother, so his eyes were on the field.

Levi: "UH!" or “Look at the combines and trucks, Mom!”

Grandma bringing in a load of soybeans.

Levi: “OOOOoooooo!”
Grain to the elevator = Money to pay the bills.

Levi: “This is so much fun!” (in not so many words).
Next its Daddy's turn.

Levi: “Do you see it Mom?!” (in not so many words).


Levi: “OOOOoooooo!” (literally).

After that Charlie’s combine ride was done and we headed into town to check on the elevator proceedings.

But first Charlie needed to relieve himself.  I know I said I was going to quit writing about my children’s bodily functions, but can someone please explain to me why Charlie insists on walking into the un-harvested part of the field to go to the bathroom?

If anyone comments, "because he can," I will ignore you.

I’ll spare you the third photo of this event.

Anyways, due to the weather this summer, harvest is going very quickly.  Soybeans are ripe and many cornfields as well, and the elevator is having capacity issues.

When I go into town, I have to spy to see how long the truck line is and if they are dumping grain or augering it out into piles.  Please note that “augering” is not technically a word according to the dictionary, but I am going to use it.

The grain truck lines were not too bad yesterday.  Sometimes the line is so long it can wander all the way through town and to the highway.  I have become very accustomed to the semi vs. car etiquette – get the hell out of their way!

I’ll give a tour of the elevator at another time when there aren’t so many people watching a twenty-something-year-old woman drive around with her two kids in the back of the car and a camera.

Travis was mainly concerned if they were still augering grain into large piles as it takes FOR-EV-ER.

And they were…on to the second pile.

And so, harvest continues.  Even if it is hurry up and wait.


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