Friday, September 7, 2012

Game Day Salsa

The fall weather has finally arrived and that means football season!

There is an enormous following for the football team of our alma matter, NDSU.  Now that we live in North Dakota, come September we see green and gold (or is it yellow?) plastered all over the new casts.  It may be due to the fact that they were the National Champions last year, or that the state doesn’t have a professional football team (or one from a neighboring state that is remotely worth following).

One of the best things about football is the food that comes along with it.  Whether you are tailgating (I wish) or watching the game on a big screen at a viewing party (I wish), you are bound to have some great munchies and booze (again, I wish).

I’ve had an abundance of produce come out of my garden this summer, which is great considering I knew really nothing about gardening until this year!  However, when you think of football food you typically do not think healthy…

My friend Maren from college, who is actually cool enough to go tailgating and watch the football games in the stadium, was joking how she could bring a Bison themed salad to share since she has an abundance of yellow tomatoes from her garden.

I planted five tomato plants this year: one cherry tomato plant, one roma tomato plant, and three of these hybrid-heirloom-look-a-likes that were supposed to grow to be “red, tangerine and gold.”  So far I have only got what I would call yellow and gold – perfect Bison tomatoes.  I thought to myself, “What am I going to do with all of these dang tomatoes?!”  The answer came to me from a conversation I had with Maren’s sister Andrea and their cousin Katie this summer: SALSA!

Katie’s mother-in-law has a great salsa recipe that she was willing to share with me, so I got to work.  Here is a small sampling of the veggies that went into the recipe: tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and sweet yellow wax peppers…my child’s hand was not included.

Tomatoes and peppers from my garden

If I am going to make salsa again next year, Travis is going to have to repair my food processor/blender which blew an internal fuse while I was making a large batch of (non-alcoholic) smoothies this spring.  At least this food chopper got me through it, but my hand was quite sore by tomato number ten.  It is also now stained a faint yellow color.

NDSU Bison inspired salsa

I also took extra precautions and wore gloves while cutting up the jalapenos since I had a bad experience with them earlier in the summer.  I don’t know if it was the fact that the peppers were extra strong due to the excessive heat this summer, or that I was cutting and de-seeding 30+ of them for freezing, but my skin did not appreciate the capsaicin oils on my skin.  Soaking my fingers in cold water, applying aloe, wrapping them in gauze for 12 hours, and taking four ibuprofen alleviated most of the pain.

Not going to make that mistake again!

Even with extra jalapenos, this batch of salsa does not have much heat since I did not have any cayenne peppers in my garden, but it is still very refreshing!  Travis has been eating it at every meal.  I’m going to run out tortilla chips soon, which is quite the feat if you have ever seen my pantry stockpile.

Maybe we’ll actually get to watch the game on TV tomorrow and eat some more of the salsa then…I’d better to buy more chips.



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  1. I love the look of those heirloom tomatoes! I have to plant those next summer after I get over my current loathing of tomatoes after eating them every day for the last month! The salsa looks delicious...much more appealing that a spinach salad!