Saturday, August 18, 2012

Redhawks Baseball

Last night Travis, Charlie, and I, attended a baseball game for our local minor league team, the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks.  The event was sponsored by our local elevator as a “thank-you” for the thousands of dollars that we spend with them on chemical, fuel, seed, etc., and not to mention the thousands of dollars of grain that is sold through them.  It is the closest thing that we as farmers get to a company outing or picnic.

The Redhawks play at Newman Outdoor Field on the NDSU campus.  It was nostalgic for us to drive through campus, and also surprising to see all of the new buildings that continue to go up.  (GO BISON!)

I worked for the Redhawks taking tickets for two summers during college, so it was fun to come back to the stadium.  I still recognized some of the die-hard season ticket holders that would always arrive at field as soon as the gates opened and keep track of their own game stats.

Prior to the game we were fed a buffet meal.  It was right up Charlie’s alley of hotdogs and chips – basically the only meal he will ever eat.

He also got to have a can of “slurp” (aka soda) – one that was pure sugar AND caffeinated.  HEEELP ME!

After we ate our meal we headed into the stadium to find our seats.

Charlie kept asking when we were going to get to go down on to the field and play with the players.  He was having a hard time grasping that we were just there to watch baseball, and not play it.

He thoroughly enjoyed jamming out to the music when the players came up to bat.  The kid really dances to his own beat.

Charlie got to meet Hawkeye, the Redhawks’ mascot.  At first all he would do is stare at him.  He wasn’t scarred, but really curious as to why he didn’t talk.  This is the picture I got of him laughing hysterically running away from him.

We had received some “Redhawks Cash” to spend on concessions. I may have indulged in a couple of treats myself including two forms of ice cream, mini donuts, and beer…but who’s counting?!  Charlie helped by eating just the sugar from the mini donuts.


Charlie picked out blue lemonade as his treat.  It was very important that he have a purple straw.  So important in fact that we had to go back three different times get new straws because he kept destroying them.

I’m glad that we didn’t have to spend our own money on the lemonade since much of it ended up on the ground or Charlie’s clothing, which I wasn’t too concerned with because it is a normal occurrence, but it was not good.  There were bees and Charlie got stung on his arm.  However, being the tough farm kid that he is he was able to get over it fairly quickly by just cuddling with his mama.

I took some more great family photos, but my brain camera was having technical difficulties while downloading the photos this afternoon, and I it may have deleted half of them.  Instead we’re going to have to settle on one like this.

If you have kids I highly recommend taking them to a Redhawks game.  Next year I think that we’ll be brave enough to bring Levi too.  The stadium is very kid friendly with a playground and not too large – every seat is a good view!

Take me out to the ball game!


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