Monday, August 20, 2012

Red River Zoo

Yesterday afternoon I took the boys to Fargo and the Red River Zoo.  It was a free event sponsored by our local electrical cooperative as a customer appreciation.  After paying our electricity bills on the farm I was going to take full advantage.

The name of the zoo is misleading since it is actually not on the Red River and is really located in the urban sprawl that is now southwest Fargo.  I’m sure at one point it was surrounded by a bunch of sugar beet, soybean, or corn fields, but now it is the interstate, cookie cutter housing, chain hotels and restaurants.

The facilities are new and/or remodeled, and the grounds well maintained (and very nice, clean bathrooms).  Here is a list of some of the animals that we saw.

Grey Wolves
The zoo is known for their grey wolf population.  It was our favorite exhibit.  Charlie called them, “Grey Fox Wolves…kind of like a big dog, but bigger than a coyote.”  They had recently fed them, but they must get fed often enough because they were not vicious or fighting over the meat like you see in movies.

It seems like every zoo has peacocks roaming the grounds.  Although they can be extremely obnoxious when they are screeching, they are still pretty to look at - I love their blue/green coloring!

There are so many statements that can go with this guy.  I mean, doesn’t he just look like he went on a bender the night before and passed out on top of his house?  “There is going to be a bazillion screaming kids coming to pester me tomorrow – bottoms up!”

Funny how Charlie’s messy non-combed hair looks vaguely similar to the porcupine’s quills…

Geckos and Other Creepy Things
Upon entering the “Toadily Fantastic: Scales and Tails” exhibit, we were introduced to many different reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids.   This gecko had suctioned himself to the glass in his tank.

And these cockroaches were enough to give me nightmares.  Was it necessary to make their exhibit look like a person’s kitchen?!

Pygmy Goats
These goats are so cute, especially the little ones!  I think that I’d be more inclined to get one or two of them over a dog at this point.  Goat lady.

I’m assuming that the zoo has some different breeds of chickens.  That, or there are some serious mating issues going on.  Check out this one missing half of its feathers and the one in the background that looks like it just went through the fluff cycle on the dryer.

Then there’s this one that must go to the salon every morning to get its headdress on.

I never really watched that meerkat documentary that aired on the Discovery channel a few years back…back when we had cable, but I still find them quite interesting.

If you read young children’s literature, please fill in the blank: “A two hump camel makes a ______________.”

Red Squirrels
I think my dad just got out his air rifle.

After we were done looking at all of the animals Charlie got to play on the playground.  I tried to get him to take a drink out of this water fountain, but that would require him posing for a photo.

Then we took a ride on the carousel.  Does every zoo in North Dakota have an indoor carrousel in it?  So far every zoo (well, this one and theother one) we have been to in this state has had them.

Only attempt at getting a family photo.

It was a fun afternoon and the boys were very well behaved for me (BONUS!).

“I’m king of all the animals!”

No, Charlie, that would be God.  Good thing he starts Sunday School in a couple of weeks.


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