Friday, July 27, 2012

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we were able to break away from the farm and attend a college friend’s wedding in Minneapolis.  We really didn’t know if we were going to be able to go until the week of, but on Tuesday after we finished barley harvest Travis told me that we were going to be able to go!

We stayed with my parents while in the Cities.  The boys were really excited to see their Grandpa Jay and Grandma Vickie!   They enjoyed playing in the backyard where there was green grass unlike the dead brown stuff we have back at the farm.  We even got an adequate family photo out of it.

I decided that I was going to wear my hair down for the wedding since I ALWAYS wear it up in a pony tail.  When I got pregnant with Levi I decided to grow my hair out since I had the same hairstyle for 10 years (examples of my hair from our wedding 5 years ago).  In those 10 years I have not owned a curling iron, flat iron, or any other type of hair styling tool besides a hair dryer, which come to think of it I have not used since I quit working.  Maybe doing my hair wasn’t going to be such a good idea?!

After 45 minutes of very cautious maneuvering with my mother’s curling iron as to not burn my face or neck, my hair was done.  That is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back!  Needless to say, we’ll reserve that for only special occasions.

My mom took a picture of us before leaving for the wedding.  Usually she has a tendency to cut off the top of people’s heads in photos, but this time she had my shoes blocked out by a bush!  They were the best part of the outfit!  Oh, well, at least I have my hair-do documented.

Farmers can dress up too!

Then we were on to the main event of the weekend – the wedding!  The groom is a mutual friend of Travis and mine from college.  I knew Jason from freshman year when he lived in the dorm adjacent to mine.  Then in sophomore year Travis was Jason’s Resident Assistant and suite-mate in one of the high-rise dorms (Travis and I had been dating for about 6 months at this point).

Jason is one of the friends that I mentioned in this post…Sorry for calling him a nerd, but this was also when I would refer to Travis’s computer as his other girlfriend because they were playing computer games all the time!  Thank goodness that is over.  Just don’t get them started on politics!

Later on, in our senior year Jason ended up being roommates with my former sorority roommate of two years (and maid of honor) Liza when she bought a house close to campus.  They knew each other through some other friends in the business college.  It really is a small world campus.  It has been awhile, I was really excited to see everyone!

The wedding was at the Semple Mansion.  It was a beautiful venue!  I just posted a few of photos, but you can see professional ones here.

After the ceremony we headed down to the Wine Grotto for some wine tasting and to catch up with everyone.

Please notice my shoes.

It was a very fun evening: the ceremony was short and sweet (really, they wrote love notes to each other that were read aloud), the food and drinks were fantastic, great location, and amazing people to dance the night away with.

However, I did have to listen the entire way up to the Cities, at the wedding, and days after, to Travis’s whining concerns that his parents started spring wheat harvest while we gone…that has yet to be completed.  I’ll be lucky if I ever get to leave the farm for more than a day during harvest ever again!


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