Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tractor Ride

Harvest continues on around this part of the country.

Last Friday, the boys and I went to the remaining winter wheat field to bring “lunch” to Travis and my in-laws.  If you have been following this blog at all over the last couple of months you should have started to pick up that this is a large part of my “job” in the operation.

When we arrived Travis was moving the grain cart from one side of the field where his mom and dad were combining, and unloading it in the grain trailer near the road.  This is necessary when you have a field that is quite large and it is not ideal to drive your semi-trailer in the middle of it.  It is best to keep the semi-trailer near the road access and use the tractor with grain cart to transport the goods between it and the combines.  That way you don’t have the combines wasting time driving to the semi-trailer on the other side of the field.  It’s all about efficiency.

Anyways, Travis wanted to take us all on a tractor ride in the new-to-us Case IH Magnum (aka “the NEW Magnum” since we have an older model of the same tractor).  After he emptied the grain cart, all four of us climbed into the tractor. Charlie sat on Travis’s lap in the driver’s seat.

Charlie sat on Travis’s lap in the driver’s seat.

Levi sat in my lap in the “buddy” seat.

One happy family.  Christmas card material…almost.

And we were off on our journey across the field to the combines.

At one point Travis let Charlie drive the tractor all by himself.

"I'm drivin' the tractor Mom!"

Levi typically is a little freighted of the tractors when they are running in the yard, but he wasn’t at all worried on the ride.  However, I did notice him holding on to the door handle the entire time.

Levi holding on for dear life!

Once we parked the tractor and grain cart we had to walk to the pick-up that was on the other side of the “wetland.”

Or should I say what is typically a wetland (aka “slough” in farmer-speak)?

  It is obvious that we are in a drought.  This creek is now a walking-path.

After walking through the “wetland” we just had a “short” walk to the pick-up.

One lesson I still haven’t learned is that Crocs are not appropriate footwear, and shorts are not recommended.

We got into the pick-up and drove back to the car.  We left the combines to do their job and load the grain cart with more wheat - our job was done!

When we were loading the boys into the car, Levi kept signing “MORE! MORE!”  (We really didn't push teaching him sign language, but somehow he picked that sign up!)  He must have really liked his first tractor ride!

We completed winter wheat harvest on Saturday.  If it weren't for the weeds mixed in with the wheat in the slews, we would have averaged 78 bushels an acre on this field!  With the weeds it came down to around 60 bushels an acre average, but if it was a wet year we wouldn't get any grain out of those cropland acres anyways so we aren't complaining!

We moved on to barley harvest right away, but after combining for a week straight today is the first day we are having a “break.”  We got maybe two drops of rain last night and it is too cool to combine (only 77 degrees…paradise). 

Please pray for rain.  I have a wedding I want to go to this weekend...and the crops are going to start really suffering if we don't get some rain soon.  Yes, my priorities are straight.  Meanwhile I am going to continue to hit "refresh" on the weather forecast page every 5 minutes.


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