Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There

It’s been two-and-a-half months since I last posted about the garden, and a lot has changed in that time!

Garden: Then

Garden: Now

You can read about everything that I planted here.

West side of garden: Planting

West side of garden: Two weeks ago

West side of garden: Now

The bare soil in the front of the photo is where the kohlrabi was.  I already harvested the six plants by last week.  It is great in stir-fry!

East side of garden: Planting

East side of garden: Two weeks ago

East side of garden: Now

The bare soil in the front plot is where the spinach was.  We harvested it first!

Mint plants: Before

Mint plants: Now

Mint plants: Now

I seriously need to make some mixed drinks with these.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?!

Potted Gazania flowers & Herbs: Before

Gazanias, Marigolds & Herbs: Now

My herbs are all going to seed because I haven’t used them fast enough.

Since I have never had a garden, I did not realize how large plants in the squash family get.  Here is “little” Levi’s hand on a summer squash leaf.

And some of the summer squash that we have harvested this week.  Next year I need to do some zucchinis with these for the grill.

The fence that was supposed to keep out the rodents hasn’t worked as well as I had hoped to keep out the peskiest of them all – my children.  The boys finally have learned how to get in by themselves.  Charlie slides the wire holding the chicken wire on the post up and down like he is operating some sort of secret door and just steps over it.

Levi on the other hand just hurls himself over the wire.  It is a little bent up now.

The boys think that the area where I harvested the spinach is now their garden.  They will get into my gardening tools in the garage (I keep them in a wagon to bring out with their toys), walk all the way to the garden, manage to get over the fence, and start hacking away at the soil.

I did have my doubts on whether I could get anything to grow, but so far it has been an overall success.  Levi typically walks over some of the lettuce, but there have only been minor casualties, and we still have plenty.

The cabbage butterflies did get at the kohlrabi leaves, but they did not get at the bulbs.  They also have attacked the cauliflower and broccoli plants, but those have been a lost cause from the start.  They took forever to germinate, and still haven’t formed heads.  I am just going to see what happens with those, and next year I will start seedlings inside.

The celery seedlings died pretty much instantly.  The alyssum flowers never even sprouted.

However, the marigolds are gigantic!  They are just starting to form heads and bloom – at 2 ft. tall or more!  Here you can see that there are some as tall as the tomato plants.

The cucumbers are taking over the bush beans - it really is a jungle out there!

I have to water at least every other day to keep everything from burning up due to the near drought we are currently in (reference brown grass in second photo).  Over the next month or so I hope to continue to harvest with lots and lots of veggies and melons!


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