Monday, July 2, 2012

Death By Washing Machine

Last Thursday morning I went to throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.  I had just woke up and was still a bit groggy, and I did not go through my typical routine of checking all of the pants pockets as Travis is notorious for keeping at least 5 tissues in them at all times.  I set the wash on the soak cycle with a second rinse (the boys’ clothes are grody!) and the machine started on an 88 minute cleansing.

An hour or so later as the boys and I were getting ready to leave for a playdate in the park I noticed that my cell phone was not in its normal resting location next to our house phone.  After some reflection on where on earth it could be I had an epiphany – the washer!  I must have forgotten to take it out of my pocket the day before!

I ran to the laundry room, pressed “stop,” and there sitting on top of all of the clothes was my cell phone.

My ghetto, heavy-duty, flip-phone.

I’ve had a cell phone since I was 16, and up until this time I had yet to experience a cell phone casualty that resulted in it not working.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or through a temper tantrum, or do all of them at once.  All I could really think is: I am turning into my mother.

My mom has a serious issue with cell phone murder.  Her phones have managed many unnatural deaths: losing one in a snow bank in the middle of winter, dropping one in a toilet, and one this past Easter when it got drowned by ham broth when my sister and her boyfriend were cutting the ham on the kitchen counter (I guess the last one is not completely her fault).  However, my sister has the same symptoms, except she typically has just lost many phones while out at a bar.

The phone was dead.  DEAD!  I was highly irritated with myself.  I set it on the counter and as the boys and I left for town we drove around to the shop to tell Travis the bad news.  Ultimately, he said the same thing: I am turning into my mother.

By the time we returned home Travis had taken it apart to let it air out – like letting it air out was going to do anything!  It had been on the soak cycle for an hour!

However, I really did not want to be without a cell phone, so we were going to try to revive it.  We put all of the components in a Ziploc bag with rice and let it sit for a couple days.  Meanwhile, we were also having issues with our home phone and internet service being spotty, so I had no connection to the outside world.

HELP!  SOS!  Call 911!  Oh, wait, you don’t have phone to do that.

We eventually cracked open the bag and put the phone back together.  It turned on, but not all of the buttons worked, so back in the rice it went.

It was time to find an alternative.  Luckily, my friend Andrea from college has an old EnV Touch from Verizon that she was willing to give me since she has joined the real world and got an iPhone.  Travis and I were headed up to Fargo to drop of our car at the dealership (yeah, that broke too, but it wasn’t my fault!), so we met up for some drinks with her and her cousin and husbands.  It was great to see them!

Katie (or Kathy…she’ll go by both), Andrea, and me

Ironically my phone – you know, the dead one – decided to start working right when we were leaving for Fargo, and so I didn’t need the replacement…yet.  It is still a little flaky, but hopefully it hangs in there.  At least now I have a replacement if needed!  I kind of like her old one even more than my phone…maybe I’ll just have to switch.

I’m glad that my ghetto phone wasn’t some fancy-smancy iPhone, or I probably would have had a panic attack.  We’ll save that post for next year when I join the real world and get a smart phone and decide to loose it by some other uncertain death, or have the boys destroy it.

Glad to be connected again,


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