Thursday, June 14, 2012

Together Again

For the past five days Charlie has not been at the farm.  My in-laws had a conference in the Cities, and volunteered to bring him with to stay with my parents while they were there.  There was no way my mom was going to turn down time with her grandson!

My parents and Charlie did all sorts of fun activities like “snoopin’ and poopin’” in the yard with Grandpa and his Labrador named Oke, going to the pool, and the Minnesota Zoo.  He even got to go on a camel ride with his cousin Emma!

At first we thought that it may be a little hard on Levi.  He is so used to having his brother around to play with.  And torment him.  What was he going to do without that brotherly love?

But no, Levi did very well being a single child for the week.  I think that he was basking in the joy of having 100% of Travis’s and my attention.

In reality I think Travis is the one that missed Charlie the most.  He didn't have his helper around to “fix on the tractors.”  What was even more exciting is that we had a new-to-us tractor delivered to the farm today.  I am sure that Charlie and his grandpa were talking about it the entire car ride home…since Charlie refused to take a nap.

However, Charlie had just fallen asleep in the car before he and my in-laws got back to the farm this evening.  I woke him up and the first thing that he said he needed to do was go work on the new tractor.  With that type of passion he will make a great farmer someday.

At this same time Travis just happened to be driving up with the new tractor.


Can't you just feel the excitement?!

They immediately went on a tractor ride.

While brother Levi watched from the sidelines…as usual.  Someday Levi, someday.

Don’t get me wrong, I missed Charlie too.  It is just a lot harder taking care of two kids than it is one.  And I was really enjoying getting to sleep in every morning until 8:30.

We're now together again and back to reality.  I'm looking forward to spending lots of quality time with my boys!


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