Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Serious Business

The Internet Is Serious Business.

The only reason that I know this is it was used often between Travis and a couple of his nerdy friends in college, particularly after a heated game of Age of Empires or Warcraft.  I am so glad playing computer games is no longer one of his hobbies.  His only hobby is now his occupation, and vise versa – farming.

The Internet is serious business in that it is my lifeline on the farm.  I don’t really watch television, or talk on the phone for that matter, so having access is kind of a priority for me.  What would I do with out Facebook?!...Lots of things, actually.  That place is a real time-suck.  Did I mention that I have banned myself from using Pinterest?  Well, I am…for now.

Anyways, I try not to complain too often about the DSL internet service that we have at the farm, because I am grateful that we have it and not dial up.  Remember those days, and the annoying sound it would make when you go to “log on.”  Shutter.

However, it does get irritating when we go to download or upload anything because it takes for-ev-er and shuts down all of our bandwidth. It literally can sometimes take me an hour to upload photos or a video to a blog post, during which time I can’t do anything else on the computer.

If you have read this blog for a while, you may remember when I mentioned last summer that our phone company is putting in fiber-optic cable.  With it came the hopeful promise of blazing fast internet and cable service.  Yet, I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to happen.  There were no signs of any equipment or anything.  Until recently that is…

Over the past couple of weeks crews have been stopping by to flag utilities, and today they showed up to trench!

I tried not to be too much of a stalker and take a bunch of photos while the guys worked, because no one enjoys being watched.

But this day was monumental!  That equipment literally shook the entire house.

I am sure they have been bombarded with questions from everyone regarding when everything is going to be hooked up and operating, but I need to know.

Charlie was working as a foreman from the bookcase in his bedroom looking out the window.

Seriously, he would not stop talking to the workers.  He decided to read them Go Dog Go.  He has the entire book memorized.  I recommended that they just put their headphones back on so that they could work in peace.

Charlie later told Travis that there were two Bob the Builders outside his window.  He was pretty excited about the day’s events.  Me too - fast internet, finally!

Once the workers had completed their task for the day we ventured outside to see what was installed.  We now have a large box at the edge of the yard and cables curled up the house.

Hopefully it doesn’t get hit by a tree – Travis’s words, not mine.

They informed us that it will still be about two months before my saving grace is operating.  I really hope that is all that it will be.  I will not be pleased if we go an entire winter without fast-er internet.

We have already decided we will not be getting cable, because Charlie watches enough cartoons on PBS as it is.  But with the light-your-pants-on-fire speedy internet we should be able to stream plenty of movies or seasons of shows.  I can’t wait!

The Internet is VERY Serious Business.


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  1. Absolutely agree the Internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

    Glad to hear that you will be getting blazing fast internet. Any idea on promised speeds?

    Also, I know completely where Travis learned about this internet meme, and also his Age of Empires II gaming, because it was me! We miss him. Can he come play sometime?